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Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hair? Thursday, November 25th, 1:25 PM

Winnipeg, Canada - November 25, 2021 / Savile Row Salon - Winnipeg Luxury Hair Salon, Stylists & Colouring /

Is Coconut Oil Right For My Hair?

In this day and age of endless personal care tips, tricks, and internet hacks, we must be more careful than ever before with who we trust for advice and what we put in our hair.

Hair products have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, looking more closely at the chemicals and other additives that are now a standard part of many products we take off the supermarket shelves. This skepticism has to lead many people to try more natural products in their hair. One of the biggest natural product hair trends of the past few years is using coconut oil as a hair treatment

From using coconut oil to moisturize hair and reduce breaking, to protecting hair from protein loss and damage, there’s a wide range of potential benefits to using coconut oil in your hair.

But for all the positive press many give to coconut oil as a hair treatment, just as many people have the opposite views, warning people of the dangers of using coconut oil in their hair!

So what’s the deal anyway? Is coconut oil really that good for our hair or not?

Figuring out if coconut oil provides benefits or risks depends on the unique properties of your hair. There’s no one right answer, just like there’s no one right product for every given hair type.

Hair types vary as much as food does, and in order to protect and nurture your hair, you shouldn’t trust just any fad or trend.

Do the research and get advice from a professional hair stylist before trying new products in your hair.

Benefits & Risks Of Using Coconut Oil For Hair

People who are native to the regions where coconut trees grow have been using this natural substance for generations in order to ensure that their hair and skin look and feel healthy.

Coconut oil can be incredibly beneficial in promoting growth, fullness, and density in some hair types.  But for other hair types, it may actually be no better than over-the-counter or big box hair treatments, and can even do damage to your hair. When your hair is especially dry or coarse, coconut oil can actually do more harm than good.

In some cases, If you have unruly curls, coconut oil can do wonders for calming the Medusa that lives on your scalp – but on the other hand, it can also promote protein buildup. That protein buildup can restrict the flow of moisture to your scalp and locks and that in turn can lead to a variety of problems.

Problems caused by using coconut oil with the wrong hair type can include split ends and brittle hair which is prone to breakage. It may also lead to drying out of the scalp and dandruff – and damage to roots and that is going to need the help of an expert to rectify.

Is Coconut Oil Right For My Hair?

The answer to this question is… It depends!

When you get down to the root of your hair problem (pun intended), you have a simple choice. You can go with the latest fad and hope for the best – or you can seek the opinion of a trained and professional hair expert.

A professional hairstylist will assess your unique hair and tell if coconut oil is perfect for your hair type and lifestyle. They’ll tell you if your hair will benefit from using coconut oil or if you should stay far away from it, and try a different approach and product.

Coconut oil is not good or bad – it has its place in hair care – the question is whether it has a place in your hair care routine.  If it does, you need to know how to use it carefully so you get its benefits without risking damage.

Don’t trust what you see the celebrities or internet fads telling you. Your hair is unique to you, and what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you.

The easiest way to know if coconut oil is right for YOUR hair? Ask a professional. A professional hairstylist has years or even decades of experience treating every type of hair under the sun and the industry knowledge to know what will and will not work for your luscious locks.

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