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Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks In Trend Thursday, November 25th, 2:10 PM

Winnipeg, Canada - November 25, 2021 / Specialty Interiors /

Why Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks So Popular These Days?

Flooring trends are a subsection of fashion trends. In the past, flooring trends did not change that often, but technological advancements have turned this around. Flooring inventors are constantly creating new innovative products that can change with the broader fashion trends. Flooring options today are affordable, durable, low maintenance, and water-proof, yet still luxurious.

Luxury Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVT & LVP) have been around since 2009 and gaining more market share with each passing year. This is because LVT manufacturers have continued to improve their features.

Luxury vinyl is more durable than other vinyl flooring types and therefore can be used in a broader range of flooring setups including colleges, hospitals, and hotels to name a few.

Below we discuss factors why LVT is gaining more market share from hardwoods and carpets.

Luxury Aesthetic & Appeal

Over the last two years, technology is pushing the hardwood industry with wood-look-alike products from vinyl sheets, ceramic tile, and laminate flooring. Hardwood manufacturers have had to think out of the box to stay competitive and cater to a wide range of budgets, style preferences, sustainability, and availability.

LVT is a versatile flooring option that allows customers to be creative and choose from a wide range of colors and patterns. Customers love that they can get this faux-wood look at a much cheaper price than traditional hardwood yet achieve the same aesthetic appeal.

Even more appealing, you can have luxury wood patterned flooring in water-prone areas where you don’t normally install real wood. These areas include the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room.

LVT comes in many designs, textures, and patterns including blonde, stone-look alike, and textured flooring to give customers unparalleled versatility and choice. Blonde flooring has become one of the biggest flooring trends in recent years due to its ability to work well with nearly any decor.

Textured flooring is also trending in 2021 because of its close resemblance to classic hardwood.

Tough As Nails

Luxury vinyl’s mass appeal has led manufacturers to put more time and effort into designing more durable models. LVT is made from sturdy advanced materials making it a tough flooring option.

The tile is made with five layers and then fused with pressure and heat. The layers include a vinyl backing, a vinyl core, a print film layer, a wear layer that is the protective layer, and a final coating.

The advanced durability makes LVT suitable for high-traffic areas including offices and institutions. The protective layer protects the floor’s normal wear and tear including stains, chips, scuffs, and dents.

Easy To Maintain & Clean

Low maintenance is another key feature of LVT.  Luxury vinyl tile & planks are less expensive and easier to maintain than hardwood floors and carpets. Hardwood floors require regular polishing, waxing, and refinishing for protection and to maintain their shine.

LVT on the other hand is designed with an in-built protective layer making it essentially maintenance and hassle-free. LVT is also easier to clean than hardwoods and carpets. Just give it a sweep and mop and you’re good to go.

Lower Volume Acoustics

Other floors like tiles and hardwood do not have a quiet profile. For office setups, LVT provides a quiet floor and it is ideal for organizations with an open office plan to minimize footfall traffic.


For decades, contractors and property owners only had only one waterproof option of using tiles.  But modern models of vinyl are waterproof and are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. It gives interior designers and owners the capacity to achieve the theme of wood in any room on a premise.

Oh So Comfortable

LVT has an amazing ability to keep warm during cold months and cool in hot weather. The construction and makeup of this flooring make it ideal to use in any climate.

Lower Price Point

LVT is affordable in comparison to hardwood yet provides the same luxurious effect as wood. Compared to wood,  LVT is also much easier to install, making it the perfect flooring option for contractors or homeowners with smaller budgets.

Can you see why luxury vinyl tiles & planks are growing in popularity? Versatile, durable, and unlimited design options make it a perfect fit for any room in a house or business.

Here are also some 9 tips to think about before buying a flooring for your new home.

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