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Tree Service Professionals in Denver, CO, Share Fall Tree Care Tips Thursday, December 2nd, 5:00 PM
Arbor Pro Tree Experts Experts Share Fall Tree Care Tips To Residents of Denver, CO

Lakewood, United States - December 2, 2021 / Arbor Pro Tree Experts Co. Inc. /

Intentional tree care is the key to having beautiful, strong and healthy trees. Every season is one where trees deserve attention but fall is one of the most important seasons to pay close attention to trees. Fall precedes winter and trees lose their leaves making them more susceptible to diseases, pest infestation and dehydration.

During fall, trees require adequate care and treatment to be able to survive the harsh winter weather. Proper fall tree care involves risk assessments, inventories, care plans, treatments and other routine tree care techniques.

Fall Tree Care Tips


Mulching helps to protect the trees against upcoming harsh weather by providing essential tree nutrients, maintaining soil temperature, improving soil protection against erosion and serving as a means of soil moisture conservation.

The base of the tree should be covered with about 1-2 inches of terial each fall without piling it around the tree trunk. Ideally, about 2-3 inches of space should be left between the trunk and the mulch to prevent bark rot.

Watering And Fertilizer Application

The soil should be at its best during fall to ensure enough nutrients are stocked up for optimal tree health and adequate growth. Fertilisers can be applied to the soil during this period to complement the diminished ones.

Watering is also an important aspect to consider. In fall, the soil naturally stays a bit moist, making the watering process a delicate one to avoid overflooding the soil and subsequently causing root disease. The treed need less water to survive and so experts like Arbor Pro Tree Experts should be called to assess the trees and water them according to their needs.

Regular Tree Inspection

Routine tree inspections are best done during the fall season when branches can be seen more easily and tree conditions or signs of stress and risk of tree failure can be diagnosed quicker. This ensures that trees with problems can be treated and be in their best conditions before the harshness of winter.

About Arbor Pro Tree Experts

Arbor-Pro Tree Experts is a Denver Tree Service that aims to provide high-quality tree care services for residents in Denver, CO.

With over 33 years of service to the community, they're the best people to trust with tree care services including pruning, trimming and removal. Whatever the trees need, they're ready to deliver.

Being the region’s top-rated tree care company for several years, you can be convinced of excellent service, high-quality execution, 100% customer satisfaction with affordable pricing. 

If you require efficient tree care services, speak to an expert at Arbor-Pro Tree Experts on 3039350005 or visit their website.

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