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Be Sure the Pipes are Ready for Winter! Thursday, November 25th, 2:00 AM
Plumbing experts in Arlington Heights, IL share professional tips for winterizing pipes

Arlington Heights, United States - November 24, 2021 / S and J Plumbing /

Winter Is Coming. Prepare the Pipes!

It’s hard to believe, but with fall in full swing, this means that winter is just around the corner. As such, cold and bitter temperatures will be the norm. Many homeowners and their families are gearing up as a result and readying their homes for winter. The first thing most people will think of when preparing for winter is making sure that their heaters work, and this is not wrong at all.

But something else that homeowners should most certainly look out for ahead of the cold winter temperatures is ensuring that their pipes are ready for the cold. Because the pipes are in charge of delivering water through the home, cold temperatures can lead to major problems with the pipes, so homeowners must be sure to invest in pipe insulation. Continue reading to learn about the best practices to prepare the pipes for this winter!

The Dangers of Burst Pipespipe

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face in the winter is the heightened possibility of burst pipes resulting from the cold winter temperatures. The biggest issue with burst pipes is that they can cause severe water damage to the immediate and surrounding areas. Since water passes through the pipes, a pipe burst means that the water will be flowing uncontained and uncontrollably.

Homeowners will need immediate emergency burst pipe services because this is not a problem they can solve independently. Emergency plumbers will need to get the leaking water under control, fix the pipe itself, and address any water damage in the meantime. Burst pipes are one of the most significant plumbing issues, so homeowners should pursue preventative measures to avoid this completely.

The Benefits of Pipe Insulationpipes

One of the best preventative measures that homeowners can take is investing in pipe insulation. This is one of the best winterization techniques to prevent frozen pipes and the bursts that often result from them. As is the case with most other types of insulation, pipe insulation helps keep pipes warmer than they otherwise would be based on external temperatures.

The insulation provides a whole host of additional benefits, including greater efficiency (since they minimize wasted energy), preventing excessive condensation, and limiting the risk of injury, particularly with exposed pipes.

Additional Burst Pipe Prevention Tips

In addition to insulating the pipes, homeowners can employ several other preventative strategies to prevent burst pipes. Here are some suggestions:

  • Heat cooler areas of the home - this will prevent areas (particularly those with a large number of pipes) from getting too cold, putting the pipes at risk of freezing/bursting
  • Invest in heat tape - one can place this around the pipes to help them from freezing
  • Run a small amount of water constantly - by doing this, one prevents traces of water from being left at a standstill, which poses a greater freezing risk than if water is constantly moving through the home

There are several other prevention tips as well, but this is a good place to start! By employing just one or two of these strategies, homeowners can drastically decrease the risk of needing burst pipe repair services.

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