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How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster on Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 25th, 3:00 AM
Plumbing Experts From Green Bay, WI Want to Share the Following Tips for Preventing Plumbing Disasters

Green Bay, United States - November 24, 2021 / Vern Kummers Plumbing, Inc. /

Plumbing Disasters That Can Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends to feast and share gratitude. One thing that modern homeowners can be grateful for is indoor plumbing. 

When hosting a Thanksgiving meal, the plumbing system must be in good working order for the safety and comfort of the guests. With more people than usual using the bathroom and gravy leftovers being rinsed down the drain, there are many ways that a plumbing mess could occur. 

A clogged toilet or sewer line blockage can put a damper on the festivities. Doing regular maintenance on the toilet, pipes, and sewer line will help homeowners to prevent plumbing disasters before they happen. In the worst cases, a blockage in the kitchen or bathroom plumbing can cause 

Preventing Clogged Toilets on Thanksgivingtoilet

  • Use the right kind of toilet paper or flushable wipes for the plumbing 
  • Do maintenance such as cleaning and replacing old parts on the toilet and plumbing
  • Have a high-quality toilet plunger nearby 
  • Do not use the toilet as a trashcan and only flush toilet paper 
  • Encourage guests to only use as much toilet paper as necessary 
  • Replace old toilets and plumbing with updated models 
  • Take care of the service line to keep it from backing up the toilet plumbing 
  • Have a trusted plumber for clogged toilet repair 
  • Leave toilet installation up to the professionals 

Servicing the Sewer Lines 

In cases where the toilet becomes frequently clogged for seemingly no reason, there could be a broken valve or another plumbing component within the toilet, or the sewer line may be blocked. The sewer line is the connection between the house’s plumbing and the city’s main sewer. The homeowner is responsible for maintaining the sewer line. 

Sometimes the sewer line can become blocked due to the wrong type of toilet paper being flushed or tree roots growing into it. Hydro-jetting is one type of sewer line repair that professional plumbers use to clear blockages. 

Hydro-jetting involves using high-pressure water to remove the blockage. Sewer line blockages will require the help of a plumbing company to fix. Doing regular maintenance on the plumbing and using the right kind of toilet paper can help to prevent sewer line blockages. 

Benefits of Preventative Drain Cleaning plumber

Thankfully for homeowners, one can take preventive measures to avoid plumbing disasters from clogged toilets or blocked sewer lines. Here are some of the many benefits of regular drain cleaning:
  • Prevent foul smells in the home 
  • Prevent slow draining sinks and showers 
  • Prevent toilet blockages 
  • Prevent sewer line blockages 
  • Prevents loud pipe noise 
  • Improves efficiency of the system
  • Saves homeowner money over time 
  • Prevents mold and other biohazards from growing 
  • Fewer clogs, overflows, and messes 

Professional drain cleaning services involve assessing the source of the clog. Plumbers have extensive training and can quickly diagnose the problem. The longer the problem is left to get worse, the more expensive it could become to fix. Trusting an experienced local plumber with regular drain cleaning services helps to prevent plumbing disasters.

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