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California Becomes 1st State to Set Quota Limits for Retailers Like Amazon Friday, October 29th, 4:30 PM
California Prohibits Giant Retailers From Firing Employees Who Fail to Meet Quotas At Work

Glendale, United States - October 28, 2021 / Davtyan Law Firm, Inc. /

California Becomes 1st State to Set Quota Limits for Retailers Like Amazon

On September 22, California became the very first state to prohibit giant retailers like Amazon from firing employees who fail to meet quotas at work. The law is in response to the growing concern that big retailers and warehouse operators are using unfair labor practices in order to maximize their profits.

What is California's AB 701?

The AB 701 legislation was introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez based on reports of Amazon terminating California warehouse workers after introducing a system that tracks the amount of time it takes them to complete certain tasks. The new system aimed at improving efficiency actually led to many employees being terminated due to not reaching their quotas, even when they worked hard and met the company's expectations.

Reports even stated that many employees are unable to go on restroom breaks or eat lunch without facing the risk of being reprimanded. Many supporters of AB 701 stated that while employees should strive to meet their quotas, they must also be allowed adequate time for breaks and lunches as well as enough bathroom breaks so they can avoid accidents and illnesses.

Gonzalez stated that while retailers like Amazon are good for the economy, they must also uphold their responsibility to do what is right for their employees. She also explained that while it is appropriate for employees to be accountable and responsible, the law needs to provide clear boundaries on how much work can reasonably be demanded of them without pushing workers past their breaking points.

Supporters of AB 701 celebrate the passing of the legislation

The passage of AB 701 is a huge victory for workers' rights. For years, retail giants like Amazon have had free reign over their employees and pushed them to the point of illness or injury without any legal repercussions.

While some may be concerned that this law could lead to big retailers losing money since they will no longer be able to exert as much control over their employees, the positive side is that it will also help to ensure that workers are not forced to choose between losing a well-paying job and jeopardizing their health.

Amazon's reputation for treating its employees well has been repeatedly called into question over the past few years. In fact, the company faced scrutiny over reports of employees that were forced to work in cold warehouses and even discouraged from taking time off for health conditions.

Supporters of the AB 701 legislation argue that while retail giants like Amazon are putting plenty of people to work, they must also ensure that these employees are treated with the respect and dignity that all workers deserve.

The new law not only prohibits retailers from imposing quotas on their distribution centers or warehouses but also prevents employers from terminating, disciplining, or otherwise retaliating against employees who fail to meet these quotas.

Opponents of the legislation argue that it will not help workers

While supporters argued that limiting retailers' ability to employees who fail to meet their set quota would improve working conditions, critics claim that it is a step in the wrong direction for California's workforce.

Opponents argue that while the AB 701 legislation may help some retail employees, it will ultimately make matters worse for others. They claim that this new law could lead to more unemployed Californians and higher prices on goods thanks to retailers simply hiring fewer people or increasing their rates to compensate for having fewer workers.

Critics also explain that the AB 701 will only make matters worse, especially now that the economy continues to suffer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They argue that since California's unemployment rate is already at an all-time high, this new legislation will only further exacerbate the problem.

A better future awaits California workers

The passage of AB 701 is great news for California workers. The new law will not only prohibit retailers from disciplining or terminating their employees who fail to meet a set quota, but also ensures that these employees receive adequate breaks so they can continue to perform their duties without feeling rushed or stressed out. 

While some may be concerned about the new law having a negative impact on retailers, it is important to remember that this legislation is meant to ensure that employers are held accountable for their actions. Although it is appropriate to expect employees to be responsible and productive, there needs to be a limit on how much work can reasonably be asked of them before they become worn out or sick from working too many hours without rest. 

Workers who have been affected by unfair labor practices and unreasonable quotas in California are encouraged to seek legal assistance from Davtyan Law and file a claim against their employers. 

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