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Attorney Paul Seabrook Interviewed by Esther Szabo on Women & Wealth Podcast Sunday, October 31st, 5:40 AM
Paul Seabrook, Founder and Attorney at Seabrook Law Offices, Discusses Navigating the Complexities of Divorce

San Jose, United States - October 29, 2021 / Seabrook Law Offices /

Attorney Paul Seabrook Interviewed by Esther Szabo on Women & Wealth Podcast

Paul Seabrook, Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Founder of Seabrook Law Offices in San Jose, California, was interviewed by Esther Szabo on the Women & Wealth Podcast. During the podcast, Seabrook discusses the various scenarios that can contribute to complexities in a divorce and the impact on the parties and the children. He explains how to handle these complexities and encourages settlement wherever possible. Seabrook’s passion is to help people get out of toxic marriages and protect the children going through the divorce process. As a former teacher, he has a big place in his heart for the children caught in the painful place of divorce. He tells his clients all the time that “they must put the children first.”

Seabrook also distinguishes between what makes one divorce experience different from another. The two main factors involve evaluating the complexities of the issues and the contentiousness of the parties. He discusses domestic abuse and how people often discount emotional and verbal abuse. Seabrook and Szabo delve into some of the other topics, including:

  • Refraining from disparaging the other party to minimize damage to any children involved
  • Navigating child support 
  • Responding emotionally to finances 
  • Dealing with the crazy behavior of one or both spouses 
  • Entering into mediation  
  • Getting to settlement

Since divorce is one of the most “difficult transitions to go through and can be brutal” as well as expensive, Seabrook has also developed an attorney-led DIY divorce course called How to File Divorce without an Attorney. The course teaches people about starting a divorce, restraining orders, motions for emergencies, getting support, and scheduling visitation. The divorce and family law attorney notes that he has “spent a lot of time and energy putting together this class that people can access.” He designed it for people who can’t afford an attorney because he wants to help as many people as possible.

To listen to Gates Pass Advisor’s Esther Szabo’s complete interview with divorce and family law attorney Paul Seabrook click on the Women & Wealth podcast.

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