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Radon 1 Provides Residents of Tennessee with Radon Mitigation Services Tuesday, November 16th, 5:00 PM
Radon Testing and Mitigation Experts Highlight The Risks of Radon on Health Of Tennessee Residents

Nashville, United States - November 16, 2021 / Radon 1 /

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally from the decay of uranium and radium in the soil. Although hard to detect since it is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas, it is quite dangerous and is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking in the US. It is considered a Class A carcinogen and accounts for over 21,000 deaths of lung cancer per year in the US according to the EPA Environmental Protection Agency. 

Radon can seep into enclosed spaces like homes, offices and basements through cracks and openings in the floors and walls of the building. Unfortunately, Tennessee happens to be a hotbed of Radon especially the Nashville, Williamson County, Knoxville, and Chattanooga areas with over 50% of homes having elevated levels. 

Radon 1 is a tested and trusted Radon Mitigation company that helps you with testing your building and getting rid of high or dangerous concentrations of Radon. They make use of standard and approved equipment for radon testing and install the most effective radon mitigation systems to ensure that the air in your home is safe for you.

What Are The Health Risks Of Radon?

Lung Cancer

One major effect of radon exposure is lung cancer and this affects both smokers and those who are not smokers to a lesser percentage. This is also dangerous because no routine tests are able to diagnose radon exposure and so prophylactic measures can't be taken.

Skin Cancer

The skin is also a potential target for the harmful effects of radon. Radon particles can stick to a person's skin through electrostatic attraction and can therefore penetrate deeper causing melanoma skin cancer.

Gastric Cancer

When radon gets into drinking water, it could have an effect on the digestive tract, affecting the cells of the stomach and even the intestines. This leads to an increased risk of getting gastric cancer.

Radon Mitigation Systems

Installing a radon mitigation system that is in line with the style or type of your building is the best solution for a radon problem on your property. Radon mitigation systems help to ensure that the gas doesn't enter the building and any amount already in the building is removed.

The method of mitigation to be employed depends on several factors which include the size of the building and the type of foundation done. Experts at Radon 1 can help you assess and choose the best system for you.

Professional Radon Mitigation Services in Tennessee 

Radon 1 is Tennessee's premier radon testing and mitigation company. Their team of technicians are certified and highly equipped, to ensure you breathe safe and healthy air in your homes and offices. All members of the Radon 1 team pursue AARST certification and are trained to the highest level. 

Having serviced over 5,000 homes in Tennessee and surrounding areas and with more than 20 years of experience, they provide customers with the best solutions to their radon problems. They ensure your homes and office spaces have radon levels below 2.4 pCi/ L which is the WHO standard.

They offer one-day testing with advanced and approved machines to ensure credible results as well as time efficiency.

You can request FREE quotes and consultation at (615) 988-1515 or visit their website for more information.

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