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How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing in 2021! Thursday, September 23rd, 11:30 AM
Signs That It Is Time to Get a New Roof

Black Hawk, United States - September 22, 2021 / Teamwork Exteriors /

Signs That It Is Time to Get a New Roof

Every year in the United States, approximately 15 million roofs are replaced. The average roof expectancy is 20 years, so it might be time to replace your roof if you have experienced any signs of wear and tear. These signs may include leaks, gaps in the shingles, and missing pieces.

If your home's roof is about 20 years old or older, chances are high it will need some repair or maintenance soon. The first step for homeowners considering replacing their roofs should be to hire an experienced roofing contractor who can inspect the existing structure.

The contractor may provide professional advice regarding whether there are problems with water drainage or other deficiencies that can compromise safety or damage interior living space over time. It takes experience to know what conditions require emergency measures like tarping or immediate repair.

What are the critical signs it is time to get a new roof?

Leaks are the number one sign that it is time for a new roof. Signs of leaks include black stains on ceilings, peeling wallpaper or paint, wet insulation in attics, and dampness under roofing tiles. Below are signs that will dictate it is time to get a new roof;

Missing tiles on a shingle roof.

Gaps between shingles may be caused by several factors, including wind damage, intense heat exposure over time, inadequate application of granules post-installation, or poor quality installation to begin with.

The result may be loss of protection against weather elements like rainwater which can cause irreparable damage if allowed to accumulate during dry periods before evaporating again.

Missing pieces from existing roofs also indicate something needs attention right away because other parts might soon start coming loose due to their deteriorated condition following years of water exposure or other environmental factors.

A home affected by wind or storm damage.

The average homeowner may not be able to diagnose the nature or extent of roof damage right away from a storm. 

When your home has been damaged by wind, storm, or other natural disasters, the roof and siding is usually one of the first things to show signs of damage.

If you notice missing or broken roofing tiles, warped shingles, loose flashing around vents and chimneys, or other defects after a storm, it may be time for repair or an entire roof replacement.

Signs that are less easy to spot include water stains on ceilings, sagging roofs in multiple areas at once, cracks in the drywall near outer walls where moisture is most likely seeping through from outside. All these factors could indicate more extensive problems with the roof structure itself requiring replacement rather than simply repairing individual components.

An aging roof.

Signs that your home's roof has reached the end of its life include water damage to ceilings, mold, or mildew on surfaces such as walls and floors near outer walls where moisture seeps in from outside, peeling paint or wallpaper around exterior entrances due to moisture penetration through shingles, etc.

Asphalt-based products like tiles and shingles may not last forever, but they can be functional long enough if properly maintained. You may consider re-coating them with protective sealants every few years after installation.

Signs of wear and tear show up first along creases where tiles and shingles overlap in layers, corners where edges meet other surfaces like walls and roofs, and scalloped sections along roof ridges. Signs of deterioration may not be immediately apparent but can show up over time, regular inspection is required to recognize them when they do appear.

Broken or missing tiles on an asphalt shingle roof.

Signs of a bad roof include missing tiles, broken tiles, and damage to the flashing. These may include but are not limited to cracks in mortar or bricks on an asphalt shingle roof, as well as dark spots that indicate loss of granules from your shingles. Shingle ridges running into each other instead of standing up straight will weaken the integrity of your entire roofline over time if not repaired soon enough.

Visible watermarks near wood beams, such as rafters and trusses underneath where they meet at exterior walls or interior ceilings. If there are already stains appearing on these areas, you need to take action quickly before further problems arise.

Hire Teamwork Exteriors for complimentary Roof Inspection

While we could talk about the signs of needing a roof replacement vs repair all day, ultimately it is best to hire an experienced contractor who is equipped to determine if you need a full roof replacement or just a repair. 

At Teamwork Exteriors, we can provide cost-effective, top-quality roofing services. Call us today for roof repair, new roof installation, roof inspection services, and exterior maintenance services. If the roof damage is the result of a storm, we can even help you work with your insurance to replace your roof at no cost to you.

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