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Tree Care Company In Lakewood, CO Offer Tree Removal Permit Help Friday, November 19th, 12:04 PM
Arbor Pro Tree Experts Help To Process Tree Removal Permits For Residents Of Lakewood, CO

Lakewood, United States - September 28, 2021 / Arbor Pro Tree Experts Co. Inc. /

Trees are important natural elements of the environment with their aesthetic role, refuge role on sunny days and even their air cleaning role in congested areas. Their roles cannot be overestimated and translate to why tree removal permits must be applied for by any residents, businesses or companies looking to remove any trees, for various reasons.

Chapter 18A.70.310 of the Lakewood Municipal Codes state the tree removal applicability criteria and exceptions. Getting a tree permit requires some steps that may be confusing or time-consuming for you, this is why experts at Arbor Pro Tree make the process a much easier one by examining and evaluating the importance of your trees before helping you process the issuance of a tree removal permit. 

Criteria To Be Met Before A Tree Removal Permit Can Be Granted In Lakewood, CO

Standards and Assessment

Diseased or damaged trees that pose a threat to lives and properties and do not constitute any important wildlife habitat can be removed. Expert tree assessment is needed to confirm the diagnosis and detect any tree diseases or damage before a permit is applied. Experts like Arbor Pro Tree carry out these assessments and then help you file for the removal permit if necessary.

Weakened and Encroaching Trees

Storms or very bad weather may weaken trees causing them to start to lean dangerously and any extra could cause them to fall, leading to damage to lives and surrounding property. The critical root zone of some trees may be close to buildings and sidewalks causing damage to underground structures like drainage. Tree removal permits can be applied for in situations like this after assessment by an expert.


For all significant trees permitted to be removed, there must be a replacement. This helps to prevent deforestation which can be of serious disadvantage to the environment.

Why Should You Hire Arbor Pro Tree Service To Handle Your Tree Removal Permit Applications?

It is important to get advice and recommendations from experts before attempting to remove any trees on your property as fines for breaking the set rules are quite expensive. Experts at Arbor Pro Tree Service are familiar with and have experience with the tree regulations, criteria for application and how to make the process hassle-free. They also have the expertise, equipment and experience to carry out safe and effective necessary expertise and equipment to carry out safe tree removals.

To get a FREE estimate or speak to an expert at Arbor Pro Trees, visit their website or call 3039350005. They will walk you through all the necessary processes to get a tree removal permit. 

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