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Six Reasons The Exterior of Your Business Needs to be Pressure Washed Wednesday, September 1st, 6:00 PM
Top Reasons to Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Business

Concord, United States - September 1, 2021 / Galvan's Pressure Washing /

Top Six Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Business

Your business is your livelihood. It is the biggest investment you have made. It is your source of income. Keeping a well-maintained business isn't just about balancing the books or keeping the shelves stocked. It's also about making sure your storefront's appearance is attractive to potential customers.

Commercial properties can be worn down in a relatively short period of time because of large amounts of foot traffic, cars leaking oil in your parking lots, little children dropping gum on your sidewalks, and just basic weathering.

Pressure washing a commercial property is a great option for business owners because it's an effective method to cleanse it of all undesirable things and keep it looking fresh and new. Here are some examples of why you should pressure wash your business facility.

Commercial Property Pressure Washing - Encourages More Business

If your business property is looking worn, dirty, and disorganized you are likely not going to attract many potential customers. When people walk by a business facility they tend to have an impression of it within the first few seconds. If they see paint peeling off or trash around, they are going to be turned off and not want to go in. However, if you pressure wash your business property, potential customers will see that you care about the upkeep of your facility and assume you provide quality services.

Commercial Property Pressure Washing - Keeps Your Business Safe & Clean

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, people are more concerned with the cleanliness of the spaces they inhabit than ever before. Pressure washing destroys all of the filth and elements that cause a property to appear cluttered and outdated. This has a significant impact on the health of those who work there and enter the space.

Mold and mildew that accumulate on the exterior of a building can eventually migrate to the interior. These types of fungi can have a negative health effect on our respiratory systems, which affects tenants and customers alike.

Pressure washing a business's exterior can also include pressure washing your parking lots and pathways. Oil and grease in parking lots and moss on pathways can mean a potential lawsuit due to someone slipping on that surface. This is why pressure washing should be done on a regular basis to keep everything safe and healthy for everyone.

Commercial Property Pressure Washing - Allows You To Improve The Appearance Of Your Facility & Improve Its Curb Appeal

If you have a business you want it to be appealing to the eye, and in order for that to happen, you need to pressure wash your facility. Pressure washing a commercial property can allow for a drastic improvement on how well-maintained and attractive it appears.

The exterior areas around your commercial property can become dirty over time due to a host of different reasons, but pressure washing is the best solution.

There's an old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover". However, that is exactly what people do. If you were going to eat at a restaurant and you walked in and saw cockroaches on the floor, would you eat there? Of course not.

Customers are attracted to businesses that look professional and the cleanliness of the company's building is a factor of how professional the business looks. The exterior of your commercial property is the first thing your customers will see. Just like Disneyland looks immaculately clean at all times, so should your business, especially if you want to charge the prices Disneyland does.

Pressure washing enhances the curb appeal of your property, which might pique the interest of potential customers and people passing by. Pressure washing is effective for all types of businesses, whether you have a restaurant, real estate agency, or retail storefront.

If you are a commercial landlord pressure washing the exterior of your property can increase your chances of finding tenants for your empty office space. A clean environment helps potential tenants envision operating a business in that location.

Minimizes Repairs 

If you don't take good care of your building, mold, and mildew might form in a few weeks' time, causing the structure to deteriorate. This may result in expensive repairs. To prevent all this, get pressure washing done on a regular basis to remove all dirt, grime, and mildew.

Pressure washing can also remove rust and corrosion from any metal surfaces on your property. It restores the shine of old buildings and removes all signs of wear and tear.

Increase Your Resale Value

When you pressure wash your commercial premises, it increases the resale value of your property. Potential buyers will be attracted to the exterior beauty and cleanliness of your business. In this case, you don't even have to do a thing to improve the building's resale value.

A lot of real estate agents say that pressure washing their client's buildings increases the asking price!

Increase Employee Productivity & Morale

Employees feel pride working for a reputable company that provides a clean and healthy environment for its employees. If the exterior of your building is dirty, you can't expect your employees to be in a good mood. Pressure washing your exterior will improve everyone's morale around the office. In turn, this improves their productivity and can increase your company's revenue.

Don't Neglect the Exterior of Your Business

There are many benefits to pressure washing a commercial property, including reduced repair costs and increased revenue, but you need to avoid neglecting the exterior of your business.

Pressure washing should be done at least once a year to remove all dirt, grime, and mildew. As mentioned earlier, neglecting the exterior is unhealthy for your employees and can cost you a lot of money when it comes time for repairs.

If you lack the time or the interest in hiring a professional pressure washing company, never fear. Galvan's Pressure Washing is here to help!

Learn about our commercial pressure washing services here: https://www.concordpressurewash.com/commercial-services

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