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Best Yuma Dentist - Meet Dr. Sam Carroll Thursday, August 19th, 7:00 PM
Meet Dr. Sam Carroll - Top-Rated Dentist in Yuma Arizona

Yuma, United States - August 19, 2021 / Yuma Smiles /

Top-Rated Yuma Dentist - Meet Dr. Sam Carroll


Yuma Dentist

Yuma, AZ – August 19, 2021.  Dr. Sam Carroll, a top-rated dentist in Yuma, AZ, shares his skills with the patients at Yuma Smiles.

About Dr. Sam Carroll

Yuma dentist, Dr. Carroll has a genuine affinity for service. Upon completion of his dental education from Southern Illinois University, Dr. Carroll relocated to Window Rock, AZ where he had the unique opportunity to improve the oral health of Native Americans on the Navajo reservation. After several years of clinical experience treating a native American population in great need, Dr. Carroll also traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2016 to provide care for underserved patients while acquiring hands-on experience with advanced dental restoration techniques.

Dr. Carroll has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in implant dentistry, root canal therapy, metal-free restorations, and orthodontics using clear aligners. He continues his education at the Spear Center for Dental Excellence. Spear Education is a leader in dental education excellence. Dr. Carroll is one of only a thousand members of the Spear Faculty Club.

Dr. Carroll is also a graduate of the Misch Implant Institute and was awarded the fellowship in the International Congress of Implantologists, a world-leading group of dental implant providers.


Dental Services

Dr. Sam Carroll and the team at Yuma Smiles provide a full range of general and cosmetic dentistry, including the following:

Dental Implants in Yuma AZ

Dental Implants

Patients have missing teeth for many reasons. Perhaps the tooth never grew in or maybe it was lost due to trauma or decay. Whatever the cause, a missing tooth can be more than a cosmetic problem, causing jaw erosion, other teeth to shift, and bite issues.

Dr. Sam Carroll can permanently replace missing teeth with dental implants. In this procedure, a metal post is placed in the patient’s jawbone. After it bonds, the dentist attaches a porcelain crown to the post, after which the tooth looks and functions like the patient’s own.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns look the same as the patient’s natural teeth. Dr. Sam Carroll might recommend their use for a few reasons:

  • To complete the dental implant process.
  • To protect teeth that are weakened by trauma, decay, cracks, or breaks.
  • After root canal treatment.
  • As anchors for dental bridges.

Dental Veneers

When teeth are discolored or chipped, Dr. Sam Carroll can cover them with porcelain veneers that match the color of the patient’s natural teeth. In addition to looking good, veneers strengthen and protect teeth.


Invisalign clear aligners are a state-of-the-art solution to orthodontic problems. They offer several  benefits that make them an excellent choice for many patients, including:

  • Invisalign works faster and more precisely than metal braces.
  • Invisalign fits every patient’s mouth perfectly.
  • Invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable.
  • Invisalign aligners are clear and hard to see in patients’ mouths.
  • Invisalign is removable for dental care and special occasions.
  • Invisalign trays can double as receptacles for tooth-whitening solutions.

Dentist in Yuma Arizona

For More Information

To find out more about one of the top-rated dentists in Yuma, AZ, Dr. Sam Carroll, and the services him and his team offer at Yuma Smiles, contact Yuma Smiles at (928) 723-1266.


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