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Seabrook Law Leverages Social Media to Support Clients Through Divorce Tuesday, August 10th, 5:35 PM
San Jose California-Based Divorce and Family Law Firm Uses Social Media to Educate and Assist Clients

San Jose, United States - August 10, 2021 / Seabrook Law Offices /

Seabrook Law Leverages Social Media to Support Clients Through Divorce

Paul Seabrook, Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Founder of Seabrook Law in San Jose, California, announces unprecedented social media growth over the past few months. Seabrook, who recognized the importance of connecting with potential clients across various platforms, hired Marketing and Social Media Manager Alexa Iscoa Gale to spearhead the firm’s efforts. The result? Seabrook Law’s organic social media following doubles or triples in size every month, with projected growth to increase by at least 80 percent by the end of 2021.

To what does Seabrook Law attribute its social media success? 

“We use our social media to educate our followers and potential clients,” Iscoa Gale explains. “Additionally, we instruct them on how to start a new life after divorce, and how to confront the process of divorce in a positive, constructive way. Social media makes it easier than ever to showcase our law firm’s ideals to clients and form a personal connection with followers. We actively engage in excellent customer service that lets people know we uphold our promises. Through these platforms, we show our followers and potential clients all our services, give them tips, offer personal and emotional health advice, post client reviews, share 2021 divorce facts, and provide as much important and valuable information as possible that might be of interest to them.”

She responds promptly to comments, messages, and all feedback with authenticity, personalizing every interaction. Consequently, Seabrook Law receives multiple positive reviews for its social media efforts. People appreciate that their content includes instruction and education, not just branding. 

“People deal with emotional and physical issues because no one wants to face a divorce, even when it’s the best solution,” says Iscoa Gale. “In this area of law, we must be empathetic. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to helping them through the process and making it less painful.” 

Seabrook Law client Gerardo L. raves, “I’m extremely satisfied with my experience at Seabrook Law. Paul Seabrook and his team were amazing, professional, and reliable. They successfully assisted me with my child custody and divorce case. They worked on my case with compassion and dedication. I am grateful to the team at Seabrook Law for making this undesired experience easier for me. The free consultation I had with Paul made me realize I needed a good attorney. I would highly recommend Seabook Law to anyone in need of legal assistance.” 

“I’m proud of Alexa and our social media outreach,” notes Paul Seabrook. “Thanks to her efforts, our firm continues to make meaningful connections, expand our online presence, and help more clients through the divorce process. I look forward to an even brighter future ahead.”

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Seabrook Law Offices is committed to helping clients get a second chance while protecting their children through the divorce process. With empathy and compassion, Seabrook Law Offices educates their clients so that they can move through the family court system as quickly as possible and start their new lives as quickly as possible. 

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