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Ductless Cooling and Central AC: Which is Best? Friday, July 30th, 2:00 AM
HVAC Experts in Derry, NH, Compare Ductless Cooling and Central AC

Derry, United States - July 29, 2021 / Paul The Plumber /

Ductless or Central System: What’s Right for Your Home?

Central AC systems have long been popular in America. But, ductless cooling systems are becoming more and more popular these days. They have several differences, the biggest one being that central cooling requires a duct system and mini-split systems don’t (which is why they’re often called ductless cooling systems). But, other than that rather obvious difference, how do these two cooling systems compare? Read on to find out which system is best: ductless cooling or central air. 

Central AC Benefits


A central AC system is often considered better than a ductless system because most homes are built with duct systems already installed. So, for any house that has ductwork, the up-front cost of installing a central AC system is probably going to be less than installing a ductless mini-split system. 

For most homes, central AC systems are a little easier on the maintenance side of things. A central AC system will have one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. On the other hand, a ductless mini-split system can have a unit in each major room and one outside, as well. This means that each unit needs regular maintenance and filter changes. 

Ductless Mini Split Benefits

One nice thing about ductless systems is there’s no need for regular ductwork checks. No pests can get in through the ductwork, and the mini-split units are more efficient because they don’t have to push cool air throughout the whole entire home; each unit cools one room. This lack of ductwork also makes for a generally higher level of indoor air quality. 


While mini-split systems are a little more expensive to install than central units, they tend to be more efficient. With a mini-split system, true zoning is possible. It’s easy to turn off any unit in a room or area that’s not being used. This can save on energy bills and can also increase the lifetime of the individual units. Mini-split systems are also ideal for a supplementary cooling system for parts of the house that never seem to get cool or add-ons that don’t have ductwork. 

Other Home Cooling Options

Of course, ductless mini splits and central AC systems aren’t the only options. Many homeowners who are looking for supplementary cooling help turn to window units or portable air conditioners. While these generally aren’t as powerful as the two main options above, they can be useful in the warm summer months. Of course, old-fashioned fans can also help cool a room or a home. Whether a box fan, a ceiling fan, or a small personal fan, every little bit helps in the heat of summer!

Homeowners with questions about the right system for their home should call a professional HVAC company. Every home is unique and has different needs. What may work well for one home is not ideal for another. So, talking with a professional is often the best way to determine which system is best for the home. 

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