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Planning an Engagement Session for the Photos That Will Last a Lifetime

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Planning an Engagement Session for the Photos That Will Last a Lifetime

Planning an engagement session is one of the most important decisions you will make in your relationship. The photos from this day will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations to come. There are so many things that need to go into planning the perfect engagement session, which is why we have compiled them all for you right here!


Find the right Photographer

The best way to start planning an engagement photography session is to start with researching photographers in your area who specialize in capturing these types of moments. Start by looking on social media accounts as well as their website galleries to see if they fit what you’re going for and then contact them directly via email or phone call (or both!)

The engagement session should be an intimate photoshoot with a photographer that you are comfortable around. Come up with a list of photographers in your area and then reach out to them for pricing information, sample photos, or any other type of information they can provide so you know what it’s like working with each one! Every engagement session should have different photographs taken at different times throughout the day, not just during sunset because it looks pretty. For example: maybe there will be some shots in natural light while others happen when artificial lighting sets everything off beautifully. Make sure all of this is part of your contract before finalizing anything!

You should also ask each photographer what their engagement session package includes. This way, you know exactly what is included in the cost of your investment so there are no surprises later on down the line when it comes time to select photos for your stationery or other types of items that will need photographs!

Planning out the Theme

Do you have a theme in mind? There are so many themes that can be incorporated into your engagement session. You will want to think about the time of year, where it takes place, and what colors do you like or dislike. Themes could include anything from beach-themed engagement sessions during springtime to mountain-themed engagements for those living closer to the mountains!

Choosing your Location

Do you have a geographic location in mind? A lot of couples want to incorporate their favorite places into an engagement session. Some people like incorporating the city they met, or where they will be getting married – it’s up to you! You can also choose to do park sessions for engagements that take place during late spring and summer. We recommend choosing locations with great scenery so these photos last longer than just one day. There are many different engagement photo ideas out there, but we think some of the best ones come from exploring new places together!

Engagement sessions can be done in any location or city as long as you find a photographer who is willing to travel. It’s also important that the couple knows where they want their engagement session so they can plan it with the photographer beforehand. Whether it’s at your house, on a hiking trail, near an iconic landmark – there are many options for locations! You should always keep in mind how much time will be needed for each location and know if this type of photography turns out best in natural light or not (some photographers work better based on sunlight).

Setting a Timeline (and budget)

An important thing is setting up a timeline ahead of time before booking your engagement photography package; this way you know you’re booking a time that works for both of you. We recommend setting up the engagement session about six months before your wedding date, but it may be earlier or later depending on personal preference and availability.

Engagement sessions usually last about two hours – if not more! It also depends on how many locations you want to do during an engagement shoot; some people like going all day long while others don’t need as much content so they can save their budget for their big day. This is something to keep in mind when figuring out what kind of package will work best for each individual couple’s needs. A lot of couples decide to put this money towards photography packages instead because it lasts forever and gives them memories from every important moment.

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