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Eddie's On Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC, Announces Record-Breaking Year Monday, June 7th, 8:00 AM
Ann-Margaret Wagner and Eddie Lubic Thank Mooresville Customers for Their Patronage During COVID-19

Mooresville, United States - June 7, 2021 / Eddie's on Lake Norman /

Eddie's On Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC, Announces Record-Breaking Year

Ann-Margaret Wagner and Eddie Lubic, owners of Eddie’s On Lake Norman in Mooresville, North Carolina, are pleased to announce record-breaking sales numbers during COVID-19. At a time when many restaurants across the country have closed their doors, Eddie’s On Lake Norman continues to thrive, thanks to Wagner’s business savvy and ethics, dedicated employees, and the support of the Mooresville community.

In 2020, when the federal government and the state government of North Carolina imposed restrictions on restaurants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wagner sprang into action, taking the sanitation and cleanliness of her restaurant seriously. Her first decision? To install UV scrubbers throughout the building, in the heating and air system. Air goes into the return, and the scrubbers clean and filter it before sending it back out, helping to keep the environment clean. Wagner made this significant investment with her customers’ safety and security foremost in mind. She improved the restaurant’s existing stringent cleaning policies, ensuring the use of top-of-the-line cleaning products and meticulous procedures. Finally, every month, Wagner had the costly electrostatic spray done. 

Once opened, she and her employees followed strict CDC guidelines. She considers herself fortunate that with all the 50-plus employees and 800-plus guests that walked through Eddie’s On Lake Norman’s door daily, less than one percent of her employees contracted COVID-19.  

Wagner also had to restructure her business plan to incorporate takeout orders and deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the loyalty and dedication of nine employees who volunteered to come into work every day under the guidelines of the CDC. Given the uncertainty about the virus, their commitment was commendable.  

Of course, with all these wise provisions came increased costs - costs that Wagner initially had to pass on to her customers in the form of a one-dollar surcharge. However, despite some customers’ dislike of the surcharge, they patronized Eddie’s On Lake Norman. Per North Carolina’s requirements, the restaurant has been operating at limited capacity since March 2020 yet has exceeded sales from 2018 - quite an accomplishment in a tumultuous year for the restaurant industry. 

“We could not have had this incredible success without the support of our loyal customers,” Wagner enthuses. “Everyone at Eddie’s On Lake Norman is grateful for their patronage, especially during such a difficult time. People understood when we stopped taking reservations and implementing a surcharge to accommodate the changes we had to make because of the pandemic. I’m also thankful for my wonderful staff. Every day, they show up and go above and beyond in the execution of their roles. Eddie and I could not have achieved this tremendous milestone without their commitment and dedication. We look forward to serving locals and visitors alike at Eddie’s On Lake Norman for many years to come.”

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up, the restaurant is still considering whether to reimplement a reservation policy or not, considering the excellent flow of business they are currently experiencing. They will most likely decide in another month or so when summer crowds reach their pinnacle. For now, they only require reservations for The Reserve Room, which offers fine dining for private parties. 

About Eddie’s On Lake Norman 

Eddie Lubic and Ann-Margaret Wagner bring their hospitality and restaurant expertise from New York to the shores of Lake Norman with Eddie’s On Lake Norman. Eddie and Ann-Margaret are the former owners of two successful restaurants in Westchester County, New York, Eduardo’s Restaurant and The Muscoot Tavern. Eduardo’s was an authentic Italian restaurant, following the Lubic family secret recipes, while the Muscoot was an iconic “Cheers-like” bar and grille. After visiting Lake Norman, they fell in love with the area, saw potential in the restaurant, and decided to make North Carolina their new home.

After purchasing the business previously Vinnie’s Sardine Grille and Raw Bar, they completely renovated the entire space, sold their other restaurants, and moved south. The kitchen is filled with all new appliances, while the bar, dining room, and back patio were all touched up to create a clean, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Whether in North Carolina, New York, or anywhere else, Eddie and Ann-Margaret’s mission is always to provide the freshest seafood, prime meats, produce, pasta, and bread, every meal.

Adding to their legacy of transforming atmospheres and delighting people with great food, Eddie and Ann-Margaret expanded once again, opening an Italian restaurant called Uncle Eddie’s Ristorante in Jupiter, Florida, in 2015. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by, try the pizza, the meatballs, or just have a cocktail and enjoy yourself!

Contact Information:

Eddie's on Lake Norman

643 Williamson Rd
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States

Ann-Margaret Wagner

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