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What Are the Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization? Thursday, May 27th, 4:00 AM
Why Deep Root Fertilization Is Essential For Plant Maintenance

Woodinville, United States - May 27, 2021 / Aadams Tree & Landscaping /

What Are the Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization?

Trees are important in our lives as they provide vital natural resources for our communities, homes, and yards. Unfortunately, trees that grow in urban settings don’t live as long as they would in a forest. Our trees perform so poorly because of the harsh and unnatural environment they’re living in. 

Trees which grow freely in forests are naturally fertilized each year with the decay of shed leaves and fallen old or dead branches. As for trees in an urban landscape, they do not have the ideal conditions for the tree to grow, bloom, and bear fruit. A more direct method of fertilization is required. Actively fertilizing a tree helps protect them from pests and disease. Healthy trees are able to withstand damage from the environment much better than a tree that is stressed and struggling to get enough nutrients. 

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Through deep root fertilization, nutrients needed by the trees are injected in the soil. The high-pressure injection process helps ensure that the fertilizer is able to reach the deepest tree roots. This feeds trees from the root up, providing far more nutrient absorption than traditional methods of fertilization.

While surface fertilization might be beneficial for grass and smaller landscape plants, trees that have deep-reaching roots can’t be effectively fertilized from the surface. This makes fertilizing them harder because you are unable to reach the entire root system of the tree,  where it needs nutrients the most.

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Regular, professional fertilization will keep your trees strong and beautiful! A program of regularly scheduled, professional fertilization treatments is vital in protecting these irreplaceable resources. In general, properly fertilized trees will have better foliage, higher resistance to pests and diseases, more chances of blooms, and improves the health of trees overall. Aside from these, there are other benefits to choosing deep root fertilization for trees. Deep root fertilization can: 

Feed Trees with Nutrients Properly

The part of the tree that gathers nutrients from the soil are the roots. The more mature the tree is, the more complex its root system can be. As a process of fertilization, deep root fertilization can feed trees their needed nutrients properly to stay healthy by feeding it more directly.

Keeps Lawn from being Over Fertilized

Another benefit of deep root fertilization stems from the fact that fertilizer is not applied on the surface. This means that it can keep your tree fed without having to worry about over fertilizing your lawn. The amount of fertilizer trees need may be too much for the surface of the lawn. Overfertilizing your lawn with heavy nutrients meant for trees can damage it, causing dark green spots that can eventually lead to death of the grass.

Assurance that Nutrients Go Where They Should

As mentioned previously, deep root fertilization feeds trees directly where its roots can easily reach. This means that shrubs, plants, or even lawn grass that have more fibrous and shallow root systems. Such root systems eat up surface-applied fertilizers quickly, leaving none for your trees. To assure that your trees get the nutrients they need, deep tree fertilization is the better option.

Aerate the Soil for Optimal Growth

The process of deep root fertilization makes use of a special “soil needle” or deep root feeder. It’s a probe connected to a tank on the back of a truck containing fertilizer. The liquid fertilizer is injected into the soil under high pressure using a hose and a pump. The process itself helps aerate the soil and doesn’t over compact it in a way that surface fertilization might. 

Get Professional Deep Root Fertilization Service from the Experts!

To provide the best conditions for the trees and shrubs in your landscaping, deep root fertilization should be an essential part of your maintenance routine. This will help ensure that your plants have the ideal soil conditions to grow thick and healthy. 

With decades of experience in Deep Root Fertilization, Tree Trimming and Pruning, Tree Removal, and Stump Grinding, you can be assured that the certified arborists of Aadams Tree and Landscaping in Woodinville, WA and the greater Seattle, WA have the skills to provide the the highest quality service to make your vision a reality. Call them today to schedule an appointment at (425) 844-9923.

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