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Dentistry for Children in Berthoud, CO, Offered by Top-Rated Dentist Friday, February 18th, 9:05 PM
Dr. Jim Deschene, Top-Rated Dentist in Berthoud, CO

Berthoud, United States - February 18, 2022 / Berthoud Dental Care /

Dentistry for Children in Berthoud, CO, Offered by Top-Rated Dentist

Berthoud, CO. – May 17, 2021. Berthoud Dental Care offers quality dentistry for children in Berthoud, CO. Headed by Jim Deschene, DDS; the practice aims to provide your child with professional dental services in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Why Children’s Dentistry Is Essential

Though dental care is essential to all ages, it carries additional importance in children.

Establishes Good Oral Habits

One of the most vital aspects of children's dentistry is helping children develop good oral health care habits. Taking your child to a kid's dentist from an early age allows them to get used to taking care of their teeth, making it something they are likely to continue doing even as they mature.

The doctor and staff at Berthoud Dental Care try to help your child establish good flossing and brushing techniques. They utilize fun and interactive methods like games to guide children on why brushing and flossing are essential and the proper way to do it.

Berthoud Dentistry

Prevents Tooth Decay

Today, childhood cavities are becoming more common. Keeping in mind that early childhood tooth decay could lead to tooth loss and gum disease later in life, prevention is crucial.

On top of teaching your child good dental hygiene that will help prevent tooth decay, the children's dentist at Berthoud Dental Care can also identify and treat cavities before they become severe.

Though cavities do not usually show any external signs or symptoms until they are severe, the dentist can detect issues that you or your child might not be aware of through the use of cutting-edge x-ray technology.

Children's dentistry can also help your child prevent tooth decay by educating them about nutrition and diet. Helping your child stick to a diet balanced with plenty of vegetables and fruits and reduced added sugars will limit the risk of tooth decay.

Preparing Your Child for Their First Visit to the Dentist

Experts recommend that parents take children for the child's first dental visit six months after their first tooth appears.

The first visit usually is short and often involves very little treatment. Dr. Deschene and his qualified staff will gently examine your child's gums and teeth. They might take x-rays to check the progress of your child's teeth under their gums or apply topical fluoride to protect your child's teeth against decay.

To prepare your child for their first visit, try:

  • Taking your child for a 'preview' of the dentist's office
  • Reading books with them about dental visits
  • Speaking positively about your dental experiences 

Dentistry for Children

While you can sit in the dental chair and hold your child during the examination, the dentist might ask you to wait in the reception during part of the treatment, allowing your child to build a relationship with the dentist.

Quality Children’s Dentistry at Berthoud Dental Care

Berthoud Dental Care provides children with an empathetic and compassionate dentist ready to offer them a lifetime of good dental health care. Entrust your child's oral health to a top-rated dentist with over 30 years of experience.

To find out more about Berthoud Dental Care and children’s dentistry, don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Jim Deschene at (970) 236-7448.

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