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Do I Get Paid For Jury Duty in California? If So, Who Pays? Monday, April 5th, 9:10 PM
Jury duty is the responsibility of most adults in America and it is illegal not to participate.

Glendale, United States - March 22, 2021 / Davtyan Law Firm, Inc. /

Do I Get Paid For Jury Duty in California? If So, Who Pays?

If you get called to jury duty, you may have to miss several days or even weeks of work which can have a big impact on your finances. But jury duty is the responsibility of most adults in America and it is illegal not to participate. The good news is yes, jurors do get paid in California. However, it's not always by their employer. Currently, the state of California does not require employers to pay employees when they are out for jury duty. However, they do strongly encourage employers to adopt paid relief as part of their benefits package. 

The court system, however, does pay jurors $15 per day starting on the second day of their jury duty. In addition, they are paid a small mileage fee by the government for travel between the juror’s home and the courthouse they will be serving at. In addition, the law says that employers may have to allow employees to use their sick days or vacation days if they choose to. While you may not make your full hourly or salary pay, you will at least be able to recoup some money during your time on the jury.

Can I Be Fired For Going To Jury Duty?

California employers are not allowed to harass, threaten, fire, or take other negative action towards employees who are summoned for and participate in jury duty. This law is outlined in the California Labor Code and employers who violate it can face fines as well as criminal penalties. Employers also cannot force employees to skip jury duty or threaten to fire or demote them if they go to jury duty. These laws also apply to people who are called to serve as a witness in a trial.

How To Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

If you are required to serve as a juror in California, there are a few things you need to do to make sure everything is in order.

  1. As soon as you receive the jury summons, determine if you meet any of the exemption requirements.
  2. If you are not exempt, let your employer know as soon as possible that you have been summoned for jury duty. You may lose some of your rights if you do not give your employer proper notice.
  3. Ask your employer if they have a paid jury duty policy. Also, determine what kind of proof they need and make sure to get these documents from the court.
  4. During your jury service, make sure to file any necessary paperwork to get your payment from the court.

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