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What Is a Retaining Wall, Marion? Thursday, February 18th, 8:00 PM
McCoy’s Landscapers Share Advice on the Benefits of Having a Retaining Wall Marion Built on Your Property

Marion, United States - February 18, 2021 / McCoy Landscape Services /

A retaining wall is a concrete and durable structure used to support soil laterally and is retained at different levels from both sides. There are four different types of retaining walls: gravity, piling, cantilever, and an anchored wall. When choosing the retaining wall for your property, landscapers evaluate the location, soil, drainage, and design thoroughly before the building commences.

Reasons you may need a retaining wall Marion for your property

There are three main reasons that you may need a retaining wall built on your property. As a homeowner, you might be having trouble with controlling downhill soil erosion, which creates heaps of soil that clog up your yard. Another reason for a retaining wall is that your home is located downhill from the soil lines. This can be extremely dangerous for your home as extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes as land tends to slide away from fault lines. Lastly, the foundation of your home is threatened by a sliding hill.

How is a retaining wall Marion built?

Landscaping experts will first have to calculate how much material and labor is required for the job. Once a quote is presented to the client and is satisfied. The landscapers will begin to dig a wide trench for base stones to fit in. A layer of landscape fabric is then placed together with base stones so that everything is level. The wall's second layer is then built using a staggered pattern of adhesive and building blocks. This is done until the desired wall height is achieved. Landscapers have to ensure the wall is level. After that, a layer of landscape fabric goes on top of the wall trimming out the excess. Lastly, capstones are put on to hold everything in place.

Benefits of a retaining wall Marion

Retaining walls help properties with flood control and soil erosion during storms or extreme weather conditions. Therefore, this reduces spending money on potential damages and maintenance, which usually comes with the aftermath of a storm. Besides adding value to your home, they give off an attractive element to your home by customizing your retaining wall with the latest designs and aesthetics, such as mosaics or fancy stones. Retaining walls provides a boundary marker for your home, thus helping with safety and security as well as helps you to make better use of your available landscaping space.

Get in touch with McCoy Landscape Services for a professional and reliable retaining wall Marion

Mccoy Landscape Services is a proud, self-financed third-generation family business that was established in 1977. They are a highly skilled and experienced team of landscapers who strive for customer satisfaction—interested in protecting your home during a storm? Get in touch with a landscaping company you can trust. Contact McCoy Landscape Services on 740-240-0715, and they will provide you with a free estimate today.

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