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Common Water Damage Restoration Myths Debunked Saturday, February 20th, 1:00 AM
Debunking the Top 4 Myths and Misconceptions About Water Damage Restoration

Fort Worth, United States - February 18, 2021 / SERVPRO of West Fort Worth /

Myth #1: There’s no need to rush water damage restoration 

Homeowners may think that once the water has dried after a flood, there’s no damage left behind. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. While the walls and floors may appear to be dry, that doesn’t mean there’s no flood damage hidden behind or underneath surfaces. Mold can grow quickly, leading to a much bigger expense. It’s important to reach out to a trusted water damage restoration company as soon as possible.

water damage restoration

SERVPRO professionals are trained to check for signs of water damage. They’re readily available to catch the window of opportunity before mold starts to grow. If mold is spotted, SERVPRO certified technicians can begin the mold removal process to make your home safe again! 

Myth #2: Insurance won’t cover the damages

After a flood, many property owners may assume that their insurance company won’t cover the cost of damages. However, in most cases, insurance policies will cover some or all of the damages! Every flood looks different, so it depends on your situation and your particular insurance policy. 

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth, TX, works with your insurance and can help you make an insurance claim, quickly and easily.  

Myth #3: I’ll just rent some equipment; I don’t need a professional

While water cleanup equipment can be rented for a reasonable price, these machines are often cumbersome and difficult to use without the proper training. Water cleanup is a task best left to professionals who know how to effectively operate cleaning equipment. Water tends to spread quickly behind walls and under floorboards. That’s why turning water damage restoration into a “do-it-yourself” project isn’t such a good idea. 

SERVPRO technicians have the experience it takes to find all of the hidden water damage through the use of high-end technology, including moisture detection, water extraction, and drying equipment, as well as odor removal. SERVPRO professionals can ensure a speedy and thorough restoration process.

Myth #4: The carpet is unsalvageable

When faced with flood damage, many homeowners assume the carpet will need to be replaced. The truth, however, is that your carpet can be salvaged. The first step to take is to contact your local water damage specialists, like SERVPRO, to assess the damage to your carpet. Assuming the damage isn’t too bad, restoration technicians can begin the process of methodically drying and cleaning your carpet, making it usable once again.

SERVPRO of West Fort Worth is the trusted company of Benbrook, TX to provide professional cleaning and restoration of your carpet and other parts of your damaged property.  

water damage restoration

About the Company: 

SERVPRO is the top choice for water and fire damage restoration in the 76116 area. They specialize in the restoration and cleanup of commercial and residential properties. SERVPRO technicians are also certified in mold remediation and removal, as well as air duct cleaning, so think of them as your go-to source for home maintenance. Their goal is to make your living space comfortable for you once again. The SERVPRO team responds quickly to assess and clean up damage to prevent secondary loss. 

Call (817) 560-3086 now for a free quote, or go to SERVPRO of West Fort Worth for more information. 

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