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Capital Diesel of Sacramento responds to all calls within 30 minutes Thursday, February 11th, 7:00 AM
Capital Diesel prioritize getting trucks back out on the road as soon as possible

Sacramento, United States - February 11, 2021 / Capital Diesel /

For truck drivers, there is nothing worse than having a breakdown on the road. More than an inconvenience, pulling over on a major road can be dangerous. It also stops drivers from being able to make deliveries on time. Capital Diesel is a mobile truck repair company that understands the value of their clients’ time. They prioritize getting trucks back out on the road as soon as possible. When you call them, they will get to your location in the Sacramento area within 30 minutes. 

Once one of their experienced technicians arrives at the site, they are ready to handle any problem, big or small. From electrical and lighting repairs to a simple jump start, every issue is treated like an emergency. That includes your call time. An accident can happen at any moment. That is why Capital Diesel takes calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For trucks with a refrigeration unit, there is a whole other element to be worried about. Capital Diesel’s technicians have been trained for just this situation and they are ready to get things working again. They can fix your Thermo King or Carrier unit with the same efficiency as their other repairs.

The comprehensive repairing abilities of Capital Diesel extend to tires. Truck tires come in many sizes, and Capital Diesel has most tires on hand used by commercial trucks, trailers, and buses. Whether you need to replace a rim or install a whole new tire, you’ll be back on the road and putting miles on your tires quickly.

Trucks are not the only vehicles this mobile truck repair company services. RVs have breakdowns, too. Capital Diesel is equipped to service many general maintenance repairs, including issues specific to RV Repair, like plumbing repair. They can also diagnose and repair A/C units on the spot, no matter how they are mounted. And on those long-distance trips, staying comfortable is everything.

For those who need inspection of their truck, RV, or bus fleet, Capital Diesel is equipped to carry these out at your facility. In fact, they have the qualifications to provide inspection on any medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including annual inspections, DOT, and BIT. If they spot an issue, their technicians are prepared to do any repair they would do on the road right in the facility. This means that vehicles can go out without the fear of some existing issue causing a breakdown.

Sacramento is Capital Diesel’s home base, but they also serve the surrounding area. They can be dispatched to anywhere in a 50-mile radius of Sacramento.

Capital Diesel’s mobile truck repair Sacramento service has a reputation for being a trusted place to call. Part of that is their affordable rates, but reputation is not built on price alone. Their quality service and attentive customer support is what makes them truly exceptional. When you call Capital Diesel, you can feel some relief in knowing that an experienced technician will be responding, and you will be in the driver’s seat again soon.

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Capital Diesel

1645, 941 Vinci Ave
Sacramento, CA 95838
United States

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