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Texas Hill Country Oak Wilt Experts Offer Tree Health Assessments Sunday, February 14th, 9:25 PM
Tree Assessment Checklist To Evaluate The Health Of Your Trees

Kerrville, United States - February 8, 2021 / Rockoff Tree Solutions /

Trees require a lot of care and maintenance to flourish. When this is missing, they can severely become affected. One of the common maladies affecting trees is the common Oak wilt.

This tree disease is caused by a fungal pathogen that can be very deadly to oaks. One of the effective ways of effectively reducing the spread of this disease is to reduce activities that might wound trees. Activities including climbing spikes, pruning, nailing signs or lamps on trees, and any form of storm damage during the warmer months. 

Evaluating trees regularly is the best way for the early detection and treatment of tree diseases like oak wilt.

Tree Assessment Checklist

Keeping tree diseases like the oak wilt at bay is a specialized task that is best handled by professionals. Here are some general things that a tree care specialist would look for:

  • Trunk Wounds

This measures the percentage of the trunk that is intact. If 100% of the trunk bark is present and firm, then that is a healthy tree. If 80-90% of the trunk is somehow missing, then that is an unhealthy tree. If 40-80% is missing, then that is an unsafe tree. This is a crucial tree assessment step.

  • Can Mushrooms be seen?

Mushrooms growing on a tree is not a good sign. If any mushrooms are visible on any of the major branches, then the tree is unhealthy.

  • The density of Canopy Leaves

Standing under any tree, if one can see through the canopy of leaves, then it is likely that that tree is not a healthy one.

  • Leaf appearance and color

Here, what to check for is the appearance of the leaves of the tree. Are they dark green and large (healthy tree), or yellow and small or with leaf scorch (unhealthy tree.)

Where To Find The Perfect Tree Assessment Specialist In The Texas Hill Country

Finding the right fit for you as far as tree assessment specialists can be fraught with worry. That is understandable because you would always want the best. Rockoff Tree Solutions is the answer to your problem.

They are an International Society of Aboriculture (ISA) Certified Aborist that can take care of all your tree assessments including helping you avoid oak wilt as well as other tree health issues and diseases. 

To book a FREE consultation, visit their official website today.

Contact Information:

Rockoff Tree Solutions

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