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Denver Area Arborist Offers Winter Tree Care Tips To Residents Saturday, January 30th, 8:05 PM
How to Keep Your Trees Safe and Healthy During Winter

Lakewood, United States - January 28, 2021 / Arbor Pro Tree Experts Co. Inc. /

Winter weather can make it harder to care for your trees, but trees need to be cared for all year long. Taking care of your tree during winter is beneficial to your tree when it is growing season.

There is often a misconception that trees cannot be cared for in this leafless dormancy stage. On the contrary, trained arborists can easily identify dead and hazardous branches, and remove them. Additionally, pruning during winter minimizes the damaging effect on the tree as dangerous insects and fungi may cause infection on the open wound. 

Winter Tree Care Tips For Homeowners & Businesses

Mulching: To protect tree roots from losing all the moisture, spread a 3 to 5 inch layer of wood chips, grass and other biodegradable materials round the base of the tree, starting few inches from the base and extending for 2 feet or more (creating a circle round the tree and should have a doughnut shape). To avoid rot, do not pile your mulch against the trunk of your tree. Adding a layer of compost below the mulch gives your tree good nutrients and prepares it for spring. It is best to engage the services of an experienced arborist to avoid damage to your trees and soil.

Water your trees: Trees actually lose more water during winter, it is important to water your trees. Watering young trees can be done weekly with about 10 to 15 gallons of water while old trees can be watered monthly or as recommended by an arborist. If the soil around your tree does not absorb all the water even after watering, watering time should be reduced.

Preventive Pruning: Winter damages like loss of tree limbs due to snow accumulation and harsh wind. Structural pruning by an arborist is advised during this winter months when tree branches are vulnerable to breaking. It is also easier to see the structure of the tree. Pruning when your tree is young prevents damages like limb failure in the future.

If you are in Denver CO, book a FREE consultation with tree care experts at Arbor-Pro Tree Experts to help keep your tree healthy and for other tree related services. They specialize in tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree painting, stump grinding, shrub and bush care, insect and disease control, fire mitigation and fertilization.

Visit their official website or call (303) 935-0005 for a FREE estimate.

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