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Wall Cracks and Other Ways That Water Enters Your Basement Monday, December 7th, 9:00 PM
How Basement Waterproofing Prevents Water From Entering Your Basement

Killingworth, United States - December 7, 2020 / Budget Dry Basement Waterproofing /

Wall Cracks and Other Ways That Water Enters Your Basement Stamford, CT

Water is an enemy of your basement. Water, moisture, humidity, condensation, all can lead to mold. If you think that you're safe from mold because you don't have puddles of water in your basement when it rains, you are feeling a false sense of security. Lack of sun and fresh air, stagnant air, wall cracks, and more lead to your basement being a prime space for mold growth. Water gets into your home in a variety of ways, and there are some things that you should be checking to ensure your basement stays dry. Wall Cracks | Stamford, CT| Budget Dry Waterproofing

Ways That Water Enters Your Basement

  • Wall cracks are a common way for water to come in.
  • Cracked footer tiles.
  • Water can get pushed up through the floor.
  • Moisture and condensation due to the weather outside and humidity inside.

Signs That Water Is Getting Into The Basement

  • Dampness in areas of your basement walls.
  • Discoloration on painted areas.
  • Wood rot on paneling or columns.
  • Rusty areas on your water heater and other appliances.
  • A musty smell. You may associate the smell of must and mildew as typical basement smells, but they are not.budget-dry-wood-rot-stamford-ct-1.jpg

What Can You Do To Make Sure Basement Waterproofing Is Completed Correctly?

The best thing to do when you have a wet basement is to call a professional foundation and waterproofing company to come out to inspect the area. They will determine if the water is indeed a problem, how it's getting in, and how to fix it. These companies have a vast knowledge of water and the harm that it can do to your basement. Some of the fixes that usually get recommended include the following:

  • Waterproofing your basement is one of the first fixes that you'll need.
  • Cracks will be filled and fixed.
  • They will determine whether or not structural damage has taken place.
  • Mold remediation is useful for basements that have mold.

Two things that you don't want to do are to ignore water in the basement and to try to fix the problems yourself. Most products on the market that homeowners can buy, only offer temporary fixes. It's also hard for the average homeowner to determine how to waterproof and fix the structural damage that may be taking place. Filling wall cracks won't do much good if you have not solved the problem of pressure on the foundation, or poor soil. Let the professionals ensure that waterproofing gets done correctly, so you never have to worry about it again.

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