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Wake Forest Hardwood Furniture Maker Builds Custom Sliding Doors Friday, December 4th, 1:40 AM
Custom Hardwood Doors: Elegant Additions to Any Home

Wake Forest, United States - December 2, 2020 / Duvall & Co. /

Duvall & Co., a custom hardwood furniture maker in Wake Forest, NC, is well-known among its client base for handcrafting elegant tables. From dining room tables to accent tables, the design and build team creates unique furniture that people love. In addition to its line of tables, Duvall & Co. also produces custom sliding doors. These doors can feature beautiful flowing patterns or embrace a rugged barn door style; the goal is to satisfy the client’s individual aesthetic tastes.

custom sliding door

Duvall & Co. has worked with customers on a variety of custom door projects. Some of the notable projects include:

  • A door with white finish for a master bathroom remodel
  • A barn door commissioned for a 2014 Parade Home by a Raleigh-area custom home builder
  • A five-panel solid maple bathroom door
  • A barn door with black finish for an interior designer
  • A custom barn door for the master bathroom as part of a home remodel
  • A 100” door with black semi-gloss finish for a penthouse condo in downtown Raleigh

Dani Duvall, Duvall & Co.’s co-founder and marketing director, says, “We have been incredibly busy at the studio. Our custom sliding doors have been so popular! These custom doors from Duvall & Co. are a sure way to add interest and beauty to any space. People love the little details that make a home their own, so don’t forget about the details when it comes to your home.”

Duvall & Co. has become very popular among interior designers, who utilize the furniture maker’s custom designs to add interest to any home or commercial space. Custom doors, sliding doors, and barn doors are excellent at bringing a sense of sophistication to a room.

Designer Jenna Sue writes on her design blog, Jenna Sue Design Co., “With so much of our focus on décor, doors tend to be an often overlooked part of the renovation process. They may not be the first thing your eyes jump to when walking into a home, but doors certainly impact the overall look and feel of a space. They can instantly breathe new life into a home while making it feel unified and cohesive.”

With a custom door from Duvall & Co., an otherwise plain room can be elevated to a new level of refinement. The artfully designed door invites the homeowner to wander into the room and enjoy the ambiance of the space. If the homeowner is in the middle of a home remodel, he or she may find that a new door or set of doors is the transformative feature that defines the entire remodel. Indeed, doors symbolize transition, so choosing stately hardwood doors can help develop a mindset that embraces a fresh, new look for the home.

On the subject of using wood in the construction of doors, Homedit, an online home design magazine, says, “Solid wood doors always have a strong presence and a lot of character, whether you use them for the entryway or inside the house to separate and enclose various spaces. Extremely durable and resilient, these doors also have a natural elegance which makes them stand out.”

As with all of their other products, Duvall & Co. builds its custom sliding doors from the finest furniture-grade hardwoods and never from engineered wood, such as MDF. While MDF is seeing an increase in use in the home, this material simply does not have the strength and presence of solid hardwoods.

custom sliding door

Hardwoods are beloved for their exquisite grain and reliable durability. Duvall & Co. works with many different types of hardwoods, including black walnut, white oak, cherry, and maple. Whether homeowners prefer the luxurious chocolate tones of black walnut or the light, golden tones of maple, they will be highly satisfied with the end product crafted from the wood of their choice.

The artisans at Duvall & Co. are passionate about their work and take pride in connecting clients with custom doors and furniture worthy of a carefully curated interior design. It is a true pleasure for both the craftsman and the customer to see the finished piece, which is the product of meticulous planning and skilled design. The Duvall & Co. team always enjoys the opportunity to create custom pieces that will generate a lifetime of warm memories for customers and their families.

To learn more about custom sliding doors, contact Duvall & Co. by email at [email protected] or by phone at (919) 819-8377.

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