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NYC Psychologist Shifting Doctor-Patient Dynamic & Breaking Mental Health Stigma Friday, December 4th, 1:35 AM
Premier NYC Psychologist Dr. Nadine Macaluso, Ph.D. - Redefining Therapy and Mental Health Stigma.

Glen Cove, United States - December 1, 2020 / Nadine Macaluso, Ph.D. - Psychologist, New York /

Dr. Nadine Macaluso is not your average therapist. Here's how she's redefining therapy and mental health.

 The Talking Bar YouTube Dr. Nadine Macaluso Psychologist for Mental Health

Most people who go to therapy only know their therapist within the context of their 50-minute sessions. It's long been a rule of thumb that therapists refrain from providing their patients with personal details about themselves or their life. But what happens when you've had your story turned into a Hollywood manuscript and portrayed on the big screen? Dr. Nadine Macaluso is the real-life woman behind the Duchess of Bay Ridge, ex-wife to the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. She is also a top psychologist and relationship expert, with a bustling bicoastal practice in Los Angeles and New York. Dr. Nadine is not your average therapist – in more ways than one! 

The Talking Bar Addresses Mental Health Stigma

When Dr. Nadine became a mental health expert, she had much more in mind than being a therapist. She was determined to break the stigma surrounding mental health. From this passion came the development of her YouTube-hosted talk show, The Talking Bar. The former model turned therapist is surprisingly camera-shy herself. Yet she uses her YouTube channel to challenge her discomfort and provide a platform for candid conversations about mental health challenges. Dr. Nadine knows it can be a liberating experience for viewers to learn about mental health. Her vision for the Talking Bar helps foster empathy and understanding for some and can serve as powerful encouragement for others who haven't yet found healing. 

The Talking Bar has covered mood disorders, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, coming out of the closet, and trauma. Dr. Nadine's most recent episode offered a trauma-informed breakdown of the new Paris Hilton documentary. This is Paris.

Dr. Nadine Macaluso NYC Psychologist, The Talking Bar - YouTube Channel

 Dr. Nadine Leverages Instagram Live to Support Mental Health During a Pandemic

The pandemic brought many therapists out of their offices and onto Instagram Live, with hopes of providing the masses with tips and encouragement for navigating uncertain times. Dr. Nae leveraged her social media platform along with her patients' wisdom and platforms, some of whom boast an impressive social media following as well. Her Instagram Live guests included conversations with former patients such as Lizette Ludwig, prominent Manhattan Beach-based aesthetician, and Sara Happ, founder of the self-titled popular cosmetic company. In this way, Dr. Nadine has redefined the bounds of traditional doctor-patient dynamics. 

After the success of these public conversations with her patients, Dr. Nadine went on to host Instagram Live conversations with members of her own family. Her daughter, Chandler Belfort (a rising NYC-based therapist herself), and her husband, John Macaluso, were both IG Live guests, offering patients and followers a more intimate look at how Nadine navigates her own challenges as a mother and wife. 

Dr. Nadine Macaluso's high profile history and current-day expertise as a psychologist caught the eye of former Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher. The two collaborated for a 60-minute Instagram Live chat earlier this year. They discussed a variety of Pandemic-related mental health topics. All episodes are available for viewing on Dr. Nadine's YouTube channel, "The Talking Bar."

Dr. Nadine Breaking into Podcast Industry

Dr. Nadine has pushed the bounds to redefine the doctor-patient relationship with a recent podcast with one of her current patients. It's unusual to come across a podcast where a therapist is interviewed by their patient. Yet, the role reversal in this episode is a refreshing glimpse at the relationship the two share. The newly launched podcast, titled Judging Meghan, is a vulnerable deep dive into host Meghan Judge's experiences of healing trauma and finding triumph. Dr. Nadine, who was featured on the first episode of the series, candidly discusses the range of her colorful life experiences–– beginning with her young adult life and marriage to the Wolf of Wall Street, leading up to the present day, working as a prominent psychologist. Dr. Nadine provides listeners with gold nuggets of psychological wisdom interwoven with intimate details of how she thrived after the trauma of her first marriage, navigated the motion picture launch, survived two types of cancers, and blended families. The consistent theme of her sharing is that often the wisdom is in the wound. Through her stories, she illustrates that adversity can be an unexpected teacher. That prompts us to self-reflect, leading to personal growth and well-being. The podcast is available exclusively on Apple Podcasts.

Services and Specialties

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Mood Disorders – Anxiety, Depression and more
  • Complex PTSD/Developmental Trauma
  • Personality Disorders
  • Attachment Disorders
  • Trauma Bonds/Pathological Love Relationships
  • Shame
  • Dark Tetrad
  • Somatic Psychotherapy

Physical Locations in:

Glen Cove, New York (servicing the greater New York City area and Upstate New York)
Hermosa Beach, California (servicing the greater South Bay and Los Angeles areas)

Contact Information:

Nadine Macaluso, Ph.D. - Psychologist, New York

Glen Cove, NY 11542
United States

Nadine Macaluso, Ph.D.
(347) 464-5547

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