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Heaters That Haunt the Night Thursday, October 15th, 7:35 AM
Danbury, CT Furnace Repair Contractors Explain Why Spooky Sounds May Be Coming From the Furnace

Danbury, United States - October 13, 2020 / Carmine's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning /

Heed the Ghastly Noises Coming From the Furnace

Groaning, banging, and kooky clanging are sounds everyone expects to hear at a Halloween party, but they definitely shouldn't be coming from a furnace. A furnace should run quietly, with the occasional sound coming as it turns on to heat the home. Strange noises coming from the furnace should be investigated before any big problems come up. 

Scary Scraping or Ghostly Grinding

If the sound of scraping nails comes from the furnace, there's likely a problem with the blower wheel. The blower wheel plays the important role of moving high volumes of heated air through the ducting system that warms the home. 

Any grinding or scraping coming from the furnace warrants an immediate call to a furnace technician, as the noises indicate a situation that creates high wear and tear on the heating system and possible failure of air movement. There are several reasons a blower wheel may be caused by a loose or broken blower wheel. A furnace technician will tighten any loose fixtures and verify if further repairs are needed. 

Batty Banging

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Pay attention to banging sounds coming from the furnace. Banging can occur when the furnace kicks on and points to a couple of different problems in either the ductwork or furnace burners.

The expansion of ductwork may very well cause banging. As a general rule, ducting shouldn't need to expand to handle the heating of a home. If banging sounds are coming from the ductwork, the ducting may be undersized and need replacement, ducts may need to be braced with more support, vents may be closed and need opening, or the air filter may be dirty

If it takes a few minutes for the furnace to respond to demands for heat, only to give off a loud pop or bang when it kicks on, there's a chance that the furnace burners are dirty or that there are issues with the furnace's combustion process. Too much gas may cause a small explosion in the system, and dirty burners force the furnace to work harder to ignite, resulting in a forceful bang as the burner lights. 

Banging coming from the furnace should never be ignored, as combustion problems in a furnace can be dangerous to the home's safety. A trained HVAC professional will identify the sound's source and determine the best solution for it.

Spooky Screeching 

If the furnace kicks on with an ear-splitting squeal that could scare even a bat, it's time to call in a professional. Screeching furnaces are a hallmark of various furnace problems occurring with the blower. 

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Screeching usually indicates that the blower shaft's bearings are wearing down. Over time, the lubrication protecting the bearings wear down, creating more friction that can cause the squealing sounds. Out of balance blower wheels or a misaligned or stretched blower belt can also cause hair-raising screeching. Addressing screeching right away will preserve the furnace's integrity and prevent additional wear from failing parts. 

No one wants to spend their night haunted by heater noises. Taking note of any strange sounds and reaching out to an HVAC specialist to remedy the problem is the first step to getting a peaceful night of sleep this Halloween season. 

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