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Adoption & Beyond Assists Prospective Birth Parents With Free Adoption Services

Overland Park, United States - October 2, 2020 / Adoption & Beyond /

Exploring Adoption is a brave step to take as a prospective birth parent. At Adoption & Beyond, it is the agency’s goal to learn the expecting parent’s stories and to understand how they can help an expecting parent make a well-informed decision based on honest and straightforward information.

Adoption & Beyond is a trusted adoption agency serving Kansas and Missouri. The agency is committed to building healthy families through child-centered adoptions. Adoption & Beyond’s purpose is to dedicate themselves to building meaningful relationships by educating, guiding, and advocating for all touched by adoption, every step of the adoption journey, and beyond.

What Services Does Adoption & Beyond Provide?

Handle Paperwork

As an expecting parent who is considering adoption, the first step to take after making your decision to place your child for adoption is to complete social history paperwork.

Adoption specialists at Adoption & Beyond have the required experience and knowledge to guide you throughout the process. Vital documents including Statement of Understanding and Agreement, Financial Assistance Worksheet, and Medicaid Assistance Paperwork will be professionally handled by their highly supportive staff.

Connect You With A Waiting Hopeful Adoptive Family

Adoption & Beyond has a network of families seeking to adopt a child. They will provide you with photo profiles of hopeful adoptive families so you can choose a family that you are most comfortable with. They will also make arrangements for you and the family to meet face to face and discuss your adoption wishes.

Free Legal Service

An adoption attorney plays an important role in every adoption process. Adoption & Beyond connects prospective birth parents to an experienced adoption attorney whose job is to explain the legal aspects of the adoption process as well as the implication of each document signed for the adoption.

Continued Support

Adoption & Beyond also offers support for birth parents through creating a hospital plan, delivery, placement with the adoptive family, and life after adoption. Adoption & Beyond is available to provide guidance and support to birth parents for as long as they feel they may need it.

Are you considering placing your child for adoption? You can get all the support you need to make the right decision from Adoption & Beyond. For more information, visit their official website or call/text 913 271-3554.

Contact Information:

Adoption & Beyond

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Sara Nay
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