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Memory Care facility in Georgia receives rave reviews Wednesday, October 28th, 11:10 AM
Memory Care reviews from family members. People truly care at Camellia Place

Woodstock, United States - October 26, 2020 / Camellia Place /

Family Members of Camellia Place Residents Express Heartfelt Gratitude 

Best Assisted Living 2020

Each year thousands of seniors enter skilled nursing facilities to receive care for physical and/or mental disabilities. For many family members who must place their loved ones in these institutions, they experience high levels of anxiety. And, some of that anxiety is justified.

It is not easy for them to put family members in the permanent care of others. It's hard to relax knowing that the ability to protect their elderly mother or father is out of their hands. They wonder how their loved one is doing, and how they are being treated in the care facility.

In the wake of a changing pandemic environment, some things will never change, however. Such is the mission of Camellia Place. Camellia Place was designed to be different.

It was designed to look and feel different. It is a senior care home that takes care of those seniors with varying degrees of disability, and must be cared for in a skilled, yet nurturing environment. In its memory care program, for example, 

Alzheimer's patients receive specialized care in the hopes of maintaining brain function. It was created to be a place where seniors become each other's family members, and form lasting bonds. The care they receive has put Camellia Place in the national spotlight for its ability to care for seniors in a creative and compassionate way.

The cards and letters come from family members communicate similar heartfelt expressions of thanks. One relative writes: "Thank you for doing so much to keep my mom...safe during the Coronavirus pandemic." Another family member writes, "[We] have thanked God repeatedly that [she] is there and being so well taken care of." 

One family member, Candy Morrison, whose parents are residents of Camellia Place--and the mother recently passed away--says of their decision to place her parents there: "As a family, we could not have done better." In other words, there was no better place than Camellia Place in which her parents could get the love and care they needed.

In the hearts of these relatives, their decision to trust the staff at Camellia Place with the care of their parents meant peace of mind. That is something that money cannot buy.

To learn more about Camellia Place and the levels of care they provide visit their website camelliaplace.com or get directions for an in-person ‘socially distant’ visit.

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