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Adoption Agency Provides Free Material to Help Prospective Parents Monday, September 14th, 8:00 PM
Adoption & Beyond Announces New Web Page

Overland Park, United States - September 14, 2020 / Adoption & Beyond /

Adoption & Beyond has recently released a new and additional page to their website, providing prospective parents with a tool designed to aid them as they prepare to begin the process of adopting their precious new family member!

Adoption & Beyond is pleased to announce an exciting change to their agency website! The non-profit adoption agency has recently released a new and additional page to the website, providing prospective parents with a tool designed to aid them as they prepare to begin the process of adopting their precious new family member.

Licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond purposes to build healthy families through child-centered adoptions. A 501(c)(3) organization, the agency works with prospective birth mothers and adoptive families, endeavoring to place children with loving families. Adoption & Beyond places an emphasis on meeting the needs of the adopted child.

Included on the website's new page is an explanation of an approved home study, which evaluates prospective families for eligibility and specific details required for a perfect fit to be found for both the child and the adoptive family.

At the bottom of the new page is a resource to aid prospective parents preparing for this home study. The free checklist is a downloadable document that outlines much of what is required for and during the home study. This list includes a collection of personal and financial documents, clearances (such as a criminal background check), training courses, and an itemized list of home safety concerns to be checked and cleared.

Prospective parents need only submit their name and email, following which the checklist will be emailed to the address given. From here, it may be downloaded and printed, and the parents can properly prepare for their own home study process.

The new page also has additional information options concerning the home study and post-placement fee schedule, the various adoption services offered by Adoption & Beyond, and an ultimate guide to adopting a child. The page also contains a Q&A area concerning home studies and offers testimonials from those who have had their home study completed.

"I want to send you our most sincere thanks for all of your help in the home study process. There are so many moving parts and you’ve been there every step of the way! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!” expressed Jake & Steffeny to the agency following their home study.

Adoption & Beyond is committed to providing a child-centered adoption experience while guiding everyone involved through the process for a heartwarming and lovable long-term outcome. "At Adoption & Beyond we dedicate ourselves to building meaningful relationships by educating, guiding, and advocating for all touched by adoption, every step of the adoption journey and beyond."

Adoption can be a life-changing and enlightening process for all involved. Adoption & Beyond has an expert staff who have experience in their chosen field, and who have a keen understanding of the process. The child placement agency is dedicated to meeting a basic need for both families and children through adoption. Love and family are an innate desire, and through their full-service child-placing care, Adoption & Beyond helps to fulfill that desire. Providing comprehensive services to families during the adoption process and through the post-adoption period, the friendly staff and dedicated professionals walk with the children and the prospective families from the start of the adoption process and beyond.

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