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Why Consider a Digital Thermostat? Tuesday, August 25th, 10:05 AM
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Getting to Know Digital Thermostat Benefits

Thermostats help control the temperature of a home and are among the most critical parts of an HVAC system. When the temperature on the thermostat is adjusted, automatic switches activate to tell the HVAC system to kick on the heating or the AC unit. Here’s how it works: when the temperature inside the house is higher than the thermostat setting, the AC unit will start up to cool the home to the desired temperature.

A thermostat is a powerful device because it gives homeowners control over their HVAC system. It allows them to say whether the temperature indoors is too hot or too cold. In this article, homeowners can learn more about the different thermostat options that exist and some common problems they may run into with their thermostats. 

A Broken Thermostat May Spark ProblemsPerson Working on Thermostat

Generally speaking, thermostats have a pretty long lifespan. They’ll often last for a decade or longer. However, there are a few common reasons that cause them to break down

  • Malfunctions from overheating: Thermostats adjust temperatures by first sensing the existing temperature in the house. If the thermostat becomes overheated, it will misread the indoor air temperature and prevent the unit from working correctly.
  • Malfunctions from dirt and dust: Most homeowners have probably noticed that their thermostat simply sits on the wall. It doesn’t move around or change locations, at least not very frequently. This makes it easy for thermostats to collect dust, dirt, and other particles that float through the air and settle inside the thermostat, preventing it from working efficiently. 
  • Malfunctions from manufacturing defect: A broken thermostat could simply be the result of a manufacturing defect. It’s not something that can be prevented by a homeowner, but if homeowners notice that this is the case, they should try to replace or exchange the device as soon as possible.
  • Malfunctions from old age: As mentioned, thermostats will last an average of 10 years. But eventually, as with any device, they will wear down over time and start to break since the device is constantly assisting in heating and cooling the house.

Benefits of Switching to a Digital ThermostatExample of Programmable Thermostat

These days, it seems that most regular household appliances are going digital and turning “smart”. This trend now extends to digital thermostats. Though they may seem intimidating at first, with all of the new technology and functionalities available, smart thermostats are highly beneficial to have in the home. They can be programmable, meaning they will automatically adjust the temperature based on pre-programmed settings. 

For example, homeowners can program the thermostat to have a lower temperature at night since everyone will be bundled up under their blankets to sleep. If homeowners are out during the day working, running errands, etc., they can program the thermostat to turn off the AC during that time, so the AC isn’t running when no one is home. 

These programmable capabilities help to save energy and, in turn, money. 

Are Non-Programmable Thermostats Still a Viable Option?Non-Programmable Thermostat

Though many homeowners are switching to programmable digital thermostats due to the energy and cost savings they provide, non-programmable thermostats are still a viable option. They still provide the same primary function as the more technically-advanced options: controlling the indoor air temperature. Their design is often easier to read and use, making them more approachable for older generations. Non-programmable thermostats can still be adjusted throughout the day to make the air warmer or cooler; they just need to be adjusted manually. 

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