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Atlanta Company Pioneers Groundbreaking Surveillance System For Lawn Care Saturday, October 17th, 11:35 PM
How To Transform Your Lawn Using An All-New Video Surveillance Technique

Acworth, United States - July 20, 2020 / GrassRoots Turf /

As you already know, keeping your lawn lush and green is not a day’s work, it requires lots of work and dedication. The reward that you get for all that hard work is the gorgeous view that you wake up to every morning.

There are different types of grass, and for different seasons too. Some are for the warm-season while some are perfect for the cool season. It is important to know the differences between them as they require different care routines.

Why You Should Leave Your Lawn Care To Professionals

Caring for your lawn should be left to the professionals. They are best positioned to understand your soil type, the fertilizer it needs, and how to take care of your specific type of grass. Here are some things that they will look out for when managing your lawn:

-       Soil Test

Many lawn care issues result from badly cared for soil. The professionals will find out what kind of soil you have, and what particular nutrients that it is missing. They will also test for alkaline or acidity levels. There has to be a healthy balance between these two. This will determine the lawn care regimen that they will recommend

-       Fertilizing

The results of the soil test mentioned above will inform the type of fertilizer that will be used. The timing of the fertilizer application is also important. Lawn care experts will know exactly what to do as far as the proper fertilization of your lawn is concerned.

GrassRoots Turf’s  Innovative Approach To Lawn Treatment

GrassRoots Turf has recently launched video surveillance during lawn treatments in Atlanta. They are the first company in the industry to use body cams while doing lawn treatments for their esteemed clients. This gives homeowners peace of mind, they will be able to see the work that is being done on their lawns even when they are not around to monitor it themselves. 

In addition, this totally new approach to lawn treatment provides lawn technicians with another layer of protection and safety when they are working on weed control and liquid aeration services. 

GrassRoots Turf is a lawn care company in Atlanta Georgia, which has been passionately caring for lawns since 2002. They perform their services professionally, even when you are not home. They remember to remove your children’s toys from the lawn and close the gate after themselves.

If you are in Atlanta Georgia, you need to join the growing list of satisfied customers that have tried this new and fun way of lawn care, to get a free quote, visit their official website or call 833-66-GRASS.

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