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What Are Electrical Inspections For? Friday, May 22nd, 4:30 PM
Tampa, FL Electricians Share Information on Whole Home Electrical Inspections

Tampa, United States - May 20, 2020 / Titan Plumbing and Electric /

Electrical Inspections Guide

The electrical system in your home is essential for just about every aspect of your life. From keeping on the lights to running your air conditioner, a healthy electrical system can keep your family safe. However, like any appliance or system in your home, your electrical components can deteriorate with age.

Eventually, this can lead to a serious emergency, especially if you’ve been neglecting your home for years. In this article, an overview will be given of what an electrical inspection entails, including what the purpose of an electrical inspection is and what you should expect from one. For homeowners, this is a guide that will help to prepare and educate you.

What Are the Benefits of a Whole-Home Inspection?

When it comes to electrical inspections there are some benefits to doing regular whole home inspections. There should be a whole home inspection done when moving in, but a whole house inspection can also be included as a part of the yearly or semi-annual maintenance.

whole inspections

As a part of a whole home inspection many problems with the wiring may be found, and fixing all electrical problems at one time will prevent you from having to call the electrician in the future. Lots of small issues turn into larger issues because they were not resolved right away, but with regular inspections, it is easy to prevent emergencies. An inspection will:

  1. Find Any Safety Issues in the Home’s Wiring
  2. Fix Any Parts That Are Broken
  3. Prevention of Bigger Repairs
  4. Save Money by Making All Repairs at Once
  5. Save Money on Energy Bills

How an Electrical Inspection Works

If you are buying a new home, the home is over forty years old, or you are doing renovations it is time for you to get an electrical inspection. For a whole home electrical inspection, a highly trained electrician will tour all of the wiring, electrical outlets, and breaker box in your home to see if they can locate any issues.

They will find and assess all issues with the electricity at one time so that the most time and cost-effective solutions can be applied. After the electrical inspection, all of your home’s electricity should be safe and be up to date.

  1. inspectionCheck Lightbulbs
  2. Look at the Wall Outlets and Light Switches
  3. Check for Chances of Electrocution and Shock
  4. Make Sure the Lighting All Works
  5. Test Smoke Detectors and Monitors
  6. Examination of the Electrical Panel

After the home inspection is complete the electrician will put together a detailed report outlining their findings. If anything needs to be fixed the electrician can at this point put together a quote for the labor and the costs for the homeowner.

Where to Find the Best Electrician Services

Even though you now know a little more about what a full house electricity inspection entails, make sure to remember not to attempt to make repairs yourself because you could risk electrocuting yourself. There is no replacement for all of the training that electricians have.


Additionally, even a minor connection issue can lead to a major emergency like an electrical fire. With all the information above, you’ll know exactly what to look for from an electrical inspection and how it can benefit your home.

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When it comes to electrician services in Tampa, FL Titan Plumbing and Electric is one of the best. You can depend on their team of electricians to give you fair prices and accurate diagnostics of all your electrical problems. Their friendly staff is waiting to take calls to schedule an electrical inspection, repair, or installation.

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