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The Reasons Why Your Home Is Flooding Thursday, April 30th, 12:25 AM
Plumbing Contractors in Tampa, FL Share Expert Tips on How to Protect Your Home From Flooding

Tampa, United States - April 25, 2020 / Titan Plumbing and Electric /

Plumbing Issues That Lead to Flooding

People are quickly entering the time of year notorious for heavy rain (April showers). Spring is the time of year that brings a lot of rain with it because rain is great for flowers and other plants. That said, rain is not a friend to plumbing systems, especially those that don’t get regular maintenance done.

Unkempt plumbing issues are the main reason for flooding within the home during the spring. There are ways to save your home from flooding, though. Continue reading below to learn more about the impact rain has on your plumbing system, and how to prevent flooding within the home.

The Impact of Heavy Rains

heavy rainsHeavy rains have a heavy impact on plumbing systems. Heavy rain means increased water pressure within the piping systems and this quickly leads to problems. The pipes that make up a plumbing system are small.

It is because of this that when things other than water and sewage are introduced into the system, it can quickly lead to blockages. These blockages will back up and flood a home in no time if it isn’t handled in time.

Heavy rains bring more than just water with them. It is a combination of high water pressure and debris from rain that becomes too much for the pipes to handle. In return, this leads to cracked and burst pipes, which then flood the home and cause further and more expensive damage.

The best way to avoid high water pressure in the spring is to get your plumbing system maintenance done every year just before the season changes.

Underground Pipe Damage Due to Rain

A lot of the rainwater during any rainstorm will get soaked up by the soil in your yard. This may sound like a solution to plumbing problems, but it actually causes a majority of them. The soil surrounding the pipes becomes saturated with water and thus becomes heavier than normal. This excess weight from the soil puts pressure on your pipes, while the rainwater also puts pressure on the inside of the pipes.


All of this pressure is too much for your plumbing system if it hasn’t been cleaned in a year or more. This then leads to cracked and burst pipes. This can quickly escalate and cause further damage in your home due to flooding.

The Dangers of a Foundation Shift

home cracksAside from water backing up in the home from blockages or cracks in your pipes, there is another way your home can flood - a more expensive way. When the soil in your yard and underneath your home foundation becomes overly saturated, it does more than put pressure on your pipes.

It puts pressure on the foundation of your home as well. The pressure placed on your home’s foundation can become great enough to cause it to shift. A foundation shift is something you want to avoid at all costs because it causes all kinds of expensive damages to the home.

When this happens, the chances of your home flooding every time it rains increase dramatically. The best way to avoid all of this is to have a plumber check your plumbing system every year just before the rainy season.

Titan Plumbing and Electric Knows Plumbing Problems

The professionals at Titan Plumbing and Electric have been there for over 25 years because they understand the urgency and frustrations associated with needing plumbing services in Tampa, FL. Therefore, they promise top quality workmanship every time.

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