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Face Shields, PPE & COVID-19 Signs Now Available from Top Class Signs & Printing Monday, April 20th, 8:40 PM
Personal Protective Equipment for safety during pandemic produced by Miami sign maker

MIAMI, United States - April 19, 2020 / Top Class Signs And Printing /

MIAMI—April 18, 2020—Top Class Signs and Printing, one of Miami’s leading producers of marketing materials, is now offering face shields and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help people stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is also able to produce signs pre-designed for businesses that are operating under new emergency conditions such as "We are open" and "Curbside Pickup".

“We are pleased to be able to offer products that provide a high degree of protection from the virus,” said Capucine Rismay of Top Class Signs and Printing. “Our production capabilities are adaptable to the crisis, which has turned out to be very helpful for people seeking face shields and the C-Grip to protect themselves from contagion.”

The face shield mask known as C-Shield produced by Top Class is a wraparound design that uses a sheet of clear tough plastic to protect the wearer’s face from virus-laden air droplets in the vicinity. Worn on the head, it is lightweight and comfortable, but buffers the wearer’s nose, mouth and eyes from particles in the air in complete arc around the face.

The C-Grip enables the user to grasp doorknobs and other items without having to make any direct. “The virus lingers on surfaces, as we know,” Mrs. Rismay added. “With the C-Grip, you can go about your day and keep your hands isolated from potentially infectious touch points.”

The company is also providing a collection of signs, tents and banners intended to help businesses and medical facilities communicate with customers during the pandemic. All COVID-19 PPE and signage products can be ordered directly through the company’s website, https://www.topclassprinting.com/covid-19/.

Top Class Signs and Printing remains open for its general business, as well. Its services encompass sign-making, floor decals, printing, tradeshow displays, promotional items and apparel. 

Contact Information:

Top Class Signs And Printing

8455 NW 66th St.
MIAMI, FL 33166
United States

Capucine Rismay
(305) 433-5574

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