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Best Pediatric Dentist Dr. Thomas Becher Offers Top Rated Orthodontic Services Sunday, April 5th, 1:00 AM
World Class Orthodontic Services for Kids Provided by Dr. Thomas Becher

Worthington, United States - April 4, 2020 / The Greatest Smiles on Earth /

Early Orthodontics Offer the Best Chance of Success

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The Greatest Smiles on Earth is a board-certified pediatric dental practice that specializes in Orthodontics that caters to children and teens.

The practice centers on supporting the natural expansion and development of the dental arch. By dealing with occlusal issues as early as possible, patients are better able to avoid extensive orthodontic therapy or the extraction of teeth later in life.

Children should start visiting the dentist from the time that their permanent teeth arrive. It allows them to take dental hygiene more seriously, enabling the early detection of potential occlusion problems.

Patients of all ages benefit from the use of orthodontic devices. The most effective treatment period is when the child is between 5 and 14 years old, though.

The child is still growing at this age, so treatments have a significant impact on long-term dental health. By evaluating the patient earlier, the orthodontist identifies troublesome patterns in tooth development and drafts an effective treatment plan that can rely on minimally invasive techniques.

What Orthodontic Devices are Suitable for Children?

One of the most common reasons for a misalignment of the teeth is that the mouth is too small. It is not as noticeable when the child is young, but as they grow, the misalignment becomes more apparent.

If patients do nothing, it could lead to more problems when the wisdom teeth start growing. At that stage, removing the wisdom teeth often becomes the only solution.

If patients deal with the overcrowding of the teeth as early as possible, it might never be necessary to have these late-emerging teeth removed.

Helpful Dental Devices

Several devices can assist in preventing overcrowding, including palette expanders, traditional braces, and Invisalign.

Palette expanders are not as invasive as traditional treatments, like braces or Invisalign. The key is to use it at the right age–between 5 and 15 is optimal. Expanders may also help older teens and even adults, but the results are less dramatic.

Traditional braces adjust the jaw’s width slightly, but not quite as dramatically as an expander would at the right age of development. It is a great solution for milder cases of occlusion, but traditional braces might be better for younger children because it isn’t removable.

Invisalign is the newest iteration of the traditional braces option. These devices realign the teeth through pressure, as well. It is more comfortable to wear and barely noticeable to others, and the patient removes the Invisalign device before eating. It is not suitable for every case, though.

Seeing a specialist pediatric orthodontist ensures the right advice and the best chance at improvement.

At The Greatest Smiles on Earth, patients receive individualized attention from Dr. Becher. The doctor feels that this is essential. Unlike at the bigger practices, Dr. Becher performs all the adjustments himself, ensuring that the dentistry professional assesses each child's progress personally.

Meet the Team at The Greatest Smiles on Earth!

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Booking a consultation for your child at the Greatest Smiles on Earth in Worthington, OH, is quick and easy. Call the practice or book online anytime.

The expert dentistry team will evaluate the situation thoroughly, consulting you about viable options that take your child's lifestyle and your budget into consideration.

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Dr. Tom Becher
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