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Video Production Company Provides Educational Resources and Inspiration Thursday, November 21st, 10:00 PM
BizVid Communications Offers Educational Resources and Inspiration for Those Interested in Video Production

San Diego, United States - November 21, 2019 / BizVid Communications San Diego Video Production /

Award-winning video production company BizVid Communications is fully vested in promoting the advancement of the video production industry. Not only does the company help clients realize their vision for video projects, but BizVid also assists aspiring video producers in learning the craft. Through the Student Television Network and other entities, the team has provided high school media departments with technical expertise and support that helped students to improve their video editing and production skills. Periodically, BizVid Communications also publishes blog articles that provide salient and timely instruction in topics such as post-production techniques, budget management, and on-location strategies that streamline video assembly.

The leadership at BizVid Communications possesses a wealth of industry experience. Company president and founder, Bill Gruber, has spent over twenty-five years producing and directing single and multiple camera projects. His work has garnered him ten Emmy Awards as well as a variety of other awards and honors. Mr. Gruber holds a Bachelor of Science degree in TV and Film and also formerly served as president of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Pacific Southwest Chapter. Caz Taylor, Vice President of Creative Supervision, has spent years working in the video production and advertising fields. Every BizVid project reflects his direction, production, and writing skills. Over the course of his career, Mr. Taylor has developed several award-winning campaigns and productions. Honors include a JD Power & Associates Award and over twelve Diamond Awards, which are the highest financial, broadcasting, and marketing honors, respectively.

According to IBISWorld, a leader in business information analysis and market research, "The market size of the Movie & Video Production industry is expected to increase 2.4% in 2019." BizVid Communications seeks to educate, encourage, and inspire new talent that is trying to break into the growing industry. As the company continues to provide educational resources for the video production community, the BizVid team looks forward to helping people interested in video production learn the skills and business acumen needed to succeed.

BizVid Communications delivers comprehensive video production services for clients from nearly every business discipline. The company offers videography, editing, motion graphics, and visual marketing strategies. Areas of production expertise include corporate, pharmaceutical, medical/surgical, product demonstration, training, and commercials. The creative team can help clients with scriptwriting, casting on-camera talent, hiring voiceover artists, site research, and creative direction. Video production crews use the latest 4K cameras, state-of-the-art microphones, drones, and the finest digital editing equipment and software available. BizVid Communications provides clients with a superior level of service and the creative and technical resources necessary to bring a video project to completion.


For more information about corporate video production, visit the website at www.bizvidcommunications.com. To receive a no-obligation estimate, contact the BizVid Communications staff by phone at 1 (760) 402-1530.

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BizVid Communications San Diego Video Production

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