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Los Angeles Company Advises Homeowners to Hire Professional Pressure Washers Saturday, November 2nd, 8:00 PM
Pressure Washing Company Warns Homeowners About the Risks of DIY Pressure Washing

Woodland Hills, United States - November 2, 2019 / Curb Appeal Power Clean /

Throughout the year, homes are exposed to the elements, and the accumulating effects of sun, wind, rain, insects, grime, and pollutants make homes vulnerable to damage. Pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to refresh and revitalize a house, preserving its integrity and curb appeal. The cleaning process also promotes good health by removing allergens, mold, dust, and mildew.

Because pressure washing is so effective in cleaning the surface of a home, some homeowners may want to save money by pressure washing their home themselves. However, pressure washing a home the right way requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge of that equipment. When homeowners attempt a DIY pressure washing project, they risk doing significant damage to their property or even themselves.

A pressure washer is a powerful piece of equipment. According to Consumer Reports, "Pressure washers use either a gas engine or an electric motor, a pump, and a concentrating nozzle to boost water pressure from your hose connection by 30 to 80 times. Though a garden hose alone delivers water pressure at about 50 pounds per square inch, pressure washers can generate 1,500 to 4,000 psi. That’s a lot of power. And when operated properly, they blast away stains without damaging the surface material beneath."

The most qualified person to undertake a pressure washing project is a professionally trained technician from a fully licensed and insured company, such as Curb Appeal Power Clean. Homeowners may worry that they are unable to afford a professional pressure washing company. However, it is actually more cost-effective to hire an industry professional than it is to rent pressure washing equipment for a DIY project. Furthermore, people who are unfamiliar with a pressure washer can easily damage the structure or injure themselves.

When a professional technician pressure washes a house, the homeowner can have peace of mind and save both time and money. Some pressure washing companies, including Curb Appeal Power Clean, offer a maintenance program. A regular service schedule keeps a property looking its best and provides opportunities to identify any potential issues with a structure before a costly problem develops.

People searching for a professional pressure washing team can turn to Curb Appeal Power Clean. The company is the one-stop-shop for all types of exterior cleaning needs in the Los Angeles County area. Services include driveway cleaning, paver sealing, patio and pool deck cleaning, building and house washing, gutter and window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, day porter service, restaurant outdoor food court cleaning, concrete parking lot cleaning, and rust, mildew, gum, and oil stain removal.

Curb Appeal Power Clean is a commercial and residential pressure washing company serving the Los Angeles area. The experienced team of industry professionals understands that every home and property have their own set of unique challenges and problems. Curb Appeal Power Clean offers customized solutions to a wide range of cleaning needs.


To obtain a free quote, visit the Curb Appeal Power Clean website at www.capowerclean.com. For more information about the Los Angeles pressure washing company, email [email protected] or call 1 (818) 964-1054.

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