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San Diego Video Production Company Outlines Video Production Workflow Thursday, November 7th, 11:10 PM
San Diego County Based Company, BizVid Communications, Explains the Video Production Process

San Diego, United States - October 31, 2019 / BizVid Communications San Diego Video Production /

BizVid Communications, a San Diego video production company, provides professional video production services for businesses and industry. Clients often wonder about the video production workflow and how a video is produced. Over the years, BizVid has honed its process so that the team can deliver creative and compelling visual storytelling projects to the client.

The initial meeting with the client will determine the video’s message, target audience, locations, talent requirements, and other elements to be included in the production. These decisions will drive all aspects of the project from scripting through the final edit and will give the BizVid team the information needed to present a proposed budget.

Using the information gathered from the initial meeting, BizVid formulates a project budget, which is the best estimate of what the project will likely require. Once client-approved, the budget is used to establish guidelines that the production team works within. To determine the specific content of the video, a client meeting is held from which a script is developed. After a few revisions, the client typically approves the final script. This revision process is included in the budget.

Next, shot sheets and location sheets are made to indicate which shots to get and at which locations to get them. Together, these technical sheets provide a real-world timeline for the client and all crew members. The team then moves into the production phase. Cameras, lighting, sound, and actors record the scenes, and a typical shoot day can take up to ten hours. Years of experience enable BizVid Communications to ensure that production runs smoothly and according to plan.

After the production period has concluded, the director and editor will review the shot footage and create logs according to the script. Client involvement is not required during this phase. BizVid edits the video into a review cut, which includes elements such as music, text, and voice over. This video is sent to the client to review and to check for any errors. The review cut provides an opportunity for company associates to comment, should the client desire. Script changes at this stage would incur an additional cost. After the review cut has been seen and the appropriate parties have provided feedback, BizVid uses the feedback to make any required changes and will produce a perfect, final cut edit. The client then reviews the final cut and provides final approval.

BizVid Communications delivers the completed video in a format of the client’s choosing. Typical turn-around for a finished video is approximately two weeks from the last day of production. This timeline can be shortened to one week if the client review notes are returned to BizVid in a timely fashion.

In every project, BizVid strives to make the process as easy as possible for clients. With over two decades of experience in the industry, the video production company has the expertise to consistently deliver highest-quality work on time and on budget.

BizVid Communications provides comprehensive video production services to nearly every business discipline. Led by award-winning producers, the company offers videography, editing, motion graphics, and visual marketing strategies. Areas of expertise include corporate, pharmaceutical, medical/surgical, training, product demonstration, and commercials.


To learn more about video production in San Diego, visit the BizVid Communications website at www.bizvidcommunications.com. For a no-obligation estimate, contact the BizVid team by phone at 1 (760) 402-1530.

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