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Reliance Cabinetry Unveils 20 Ideas for Relaxed Coastal Kitchen Cabinets Wednesday, July 10th, 7:16 PM
Discover 20 Coastal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Relaxed, Beach-Inspired Style by Reliance Cabinetry

Richmond Hill, United States - July 10, 2024 / Reliance Cabinetry /

Discover 20 Coastal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Relaxed, Beach-Inspired Style by Reliance Cabinetry

Reliance Cabinetry, a leading provider of custom kitchen solutions in Savannah, GA, is thrilled to announce the release of a new blog article by owner Edward Meyer, titled “20 Coastal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Relaxed Style.” This insightful piece provides homeowners with innovative ideas to transform their kitchens into serene, coastal-inspired havens.

Discovering the Coastal Charm

a kitchen in Savannha GA with coastal style cabnets

Edward Meyer’s latest blog post is a treasure trove of ideas for homeowners looking to infuse their kitchens with a relaxed coastal vibe. From selecting the right colors to incorporating natural materials, the article covers everything needed to create a serene and inviting kitchen space. You can read the full article here.

Key Highlights from the Blog Article

1. Color Schemes

Choosing the right colors is crucial in achieving a coastal look. Edward suggests using soft blues, greens, and whites to reflect the colors of the sea and sky. These colors can be applied to cabinets, walls, and even kitchen accessories to create a cohesive look.

"The right color palette can completely transform a kitchen. By using soft blues and greens, homeowners can create a calming, beach-inspired atmosphere that makes every day feel like a vacation," says Edward Meyer.

2. Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like wood and stone is another great way to bring the beach indoors. The blog emphasizes the use of reclaimed wood for cabinets and stone countertops to enhance the natural, laid-back feel of a coastal kitchen.

"Natural materials are essential for creating an authentic coastal kitchen. Reclaimed wood and stone not only look beautiful but also add a tactile, organic element to the space," Edward explains.

3. Open Shelving

Open shelving can make a kitchen feel more spacious and airy. Edward advises homeowners to use open shelves to display coastal-themed decor, such as seashells, nautical items, and glass jars filled with sand and sea glass.

"Open shelving is a fantastic way to keep the kitchen feeling light and open while displaying personal touches that remind you of the coast," Edward Meyer notes.

4. Light and Airy Designs

Maximizing natural light and maintaining an open, airy design are key components of a coastal kitchen. The blog suggests using large windows, glass doors, and light-colored cabinetry to create a bright and welcoming space.

5. Coastal-Inspired Accessories

Adding coastal-inspired accessories is an easy way to enhance the theme. Edward recommends items like woven baskets, driftwood art, and beach-themed linens to complete the look.

"Accessories are the finishing touch that brings a coastal kitchen to life. Small details like driftwood art or woven baskets can make a big impact," notes Edward Meyer.

Creating the Perfect Coastal Kitchen

1. Embrace Simplicity

A coastal kitchen should embody simplicity and elegance. Clean lines, minimal clutter, and functional design are essential. Edward’s blog emphasizes the importance of keeping the kitchen layout simple and efficient.

2. Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns inspired by the sea can add depth and interest to the kitchen. Consider using tiles with wave patterns, or fabrics with nautical stripes to bring in that coastal charm.

3. Functional Yet Stylish

Coastal kitchens are not only about aesthetics but also about functionality. Incorporating practical elements such as ample storage, easy-to-clean surfaces, and efficient lighting can make the kitchen both beautiful and user-friendly.

Incorporating Coastal Elements

1. Cabinet Hardware

Choosing the right hardware for your cabinets can make a significant difference. Opt for handles and knobs made of materials like brushed nickel or weathered bronze to complement the coastal theme.

2. Flooring Choices

The right flooring can enhance the coastal vibe. Light-colored hardwood, bamboo, or even tile that mimics the look of wood are excellent choices that add to the beachy feel of the kitchen.

3. Backsplash Ideas

A backsplash can be a focal point in a kitchen. Consider using tiles in shades of blue or green, or even a mosaic that depicts a beach scene to add a unique touch.

4. Lighting Solutions

Lighting is crucial in a coastal kitchen. Pendant lights made of natural materials like rattan or fixtures with a nautical design can add character and ensure the space is well-lit.

The Expertise Behind Reliance Cabinetry

Reliance Cabinetry has been serving the Savannah community with top-notch kitchen solutions for years. Edward Meyer, with his extensive experience in kitchen design and cabinetry, leads the company with a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. His dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative designs is evident in every project the company undertakes.

"Our goal at Reliance Cabinetry is to help homeowners create their dream kitchens. The coastal style is particularly popular in Savannah due to our proximity to the coast, and we love bringing that relaxed, beachy vibe into our clients' homes," says Edward Meyer.

About Edward Meyer

Edward Meyer is a seasoned expert in kitchen design, known for his creative approach and attention to detail. His latest blog article on coastal cabinets reflects his deep understanding of design trends and his ability to translate them into practical solutions for homeowners.

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