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Increase Your Anaheim, CA Home's Value With a Stylish Residential Fence Wednesday, July 10th, 5:00 PM
Enhance Your Property Value In Anaheim, CA With Elegant Fencing Solutions From Irvine Fence

Anaheim, United States - July 10, 2024 / Irvine Fence Inc /

Home values in the U.S. have seen an increase of nearly 143% over the past 20 years. These increases are due, in part, to upgrades made by homeowners.

Which upgrades make a true impact on home values?

One of them is residential fencing.

This upgrade can increase the property value of a home; this helps maximize listing prices when sold. There's also the question of quality of life.

Learn more about the residential fence benefits for home value and life.

Improved Security and Privacy

When listing a home for sale, it's important to think about what potential buyers want. Often, both parties value the same things, like having a secure and private home.

Installing a new fence can help increase that sense of safety. In turn, it may also increase home appraisal values.

Consider the types of buyers interested in homes in the area. Check recent home sales, including the amenities and landscaping design of those residences. If there's a noticeable trend in privacy fencing, that's a cue to upgrade.

For utmost privacy, consider installing a vinyl fence. These fences are built tall enough to improve privacy while also keeping pets and children safely enclosed in the yard.

Safety can be optimized by installing security cameras and other devices to monitor the fence.

For Anaheim home aesthetics, vinyl comes in nearly every color to match a home's exterior facade. This material also mimics the look of wood, allowing homeowners to enjoy a "wooden" fence with the low maintenance of vinyl.

Improve Home Value Through Landscaping

Next to privacy, there are several ways to use fencing to increase aesthetic value. First, consider its benefits for landscape design. Curb appeal design and backyard landscaping both impact home values (and general interest in the home).

A pool in the backyard or plans to install one to improve home value can benefit from glass fencing. Glass fencing around the pool improves both safety and aesthetic appeal, creating an enclosed outdoor entertaining area.

Glass fencing also makes a nice aesthetic touch to Anaheim's hillside homes.

Another option is traditional wood fencing. This option may be designed and installed in countless ways, making it ideal for a range of home styles, from cottage style to Victorian.

A fencing contractor can also customize wood fencing with other materials like brick, stone, and iron. Staining and sealing also protect wood from water and weather damage.

Similar to vinyl, wood fencing also adds a layer of privacy to front and backyards. This option also works (and looks) great on hillside homes.

These points speak to the value of hiring a fencing contractor who can suggest even more stylish fencing ideas.

Talk to a Contractor About Residential Fencing

Crunch the numbers to discover more about the home value potential of residential fencing, including privacy and security. Browse through sources like Architectural Digest to find even more ideas to boost home aesthetics.

Irvine Fence Inc. aims to turn visions into reality with services designed to improve aesthetics and peace of mind. With nearly 15 years in business, their licensed and insured contractors are dedicated to quality and customer care.

Contact Irvine Fence Inc. to learn more about their services, including patio covers!

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