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Andrade Link Electric Breaks Down the Cost to Rewire a Home in San Francisco Monday, February 12th, 6:00 PM
Andrade Link Electric Publishes Insightful Guide Detailing San Francisco House Rewiring Expenses

South San Francisco, United States - February 12, 2024 / Andrade Link Electric /

House rewiring cost in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA - Andrade Link Electric, a family-owned and operated electrical contracting company serving the greater Bay Area, has recently published a comprehensive guide explaining the costs associated with rewiring a home in San Francisco. As experienced electricians performing rewires and upgrades across the city for years, Andrade Link Electric provides this guide to help homeowners understand the investment required to rewire their outdated electrical systems.

"Rewiring a home is a major project, but one we perform regularly here in San Francisco,” said Victor Andrade, owner and operator of Andrade Link Electric. “We want homeowners to understand the full scope and cost of a rewire project before deciding it’s the right move. This new guide breaks down all the specifics - from the size of your home to the types of wiring needed - that factor into the investment."

The newly released rewiring guide provides San Francisco homeowners with expert insight into variables that influence cost such as layout and square footage, wiring gauge and materials, number of circuits, and more. Andrade Link Electric aims to use its years of experience to educate readers on precisely what to budget for an electrical overhaul.

“Too often we meet with homeowners who underestimate the true cost of rewiring their entire property,” added Andrade. “With clear information and realistic estimates tailored to San Francisco, we believe this guide offers the details you need to determine if moving forward with a rewire makes sense.”

Rewiring San Francisco's Unique, Historical Buildings

"We take great pride in our expertise in wiring homes across San Francisco," commented Victor Andrade. "Our team members have rewired many Victorians, Edwardians, and other property types found locally in the city. We know all the intricacies that come with overhauling decades-old electrical systems in our region. This allows us to provide accurate estimates to homeowners considering an upgrade so they know exactly what it involves from a cost perspective before contacting us."

Factors That Affect Rewiring Cost

Size and Layout

The physical size, dimensions, layout, and total square footage of a home greatly affect overall rewiring costs. The larger the home, the more time and wiring materials are needed for a complete electrical overhaul. Unique home layouts with multiple floors or hard-to-access spaces drive costs higher as well.

Types of Wiring and Circuits

The types of wiring (aluminum, copper, etc.) and the number of new circuits needed are cost considerations too. Upgrading outdated 60 amp electrical panels to 200 amps for sufficient capacity, or running energy efficient, code-approved wiring all contribute to total spend.

Difficulty and Accessibility

How easily wiring can be accessed behind walls plays a major role. Victorian era and other older homes often have wiring that is extremely difficult to reach, requiring extensive holes in plaster walls that also add patching, repainting, and repair expenses.

Permitting and Inspection Fees

There are city fees required for the permitting process and subsequent inspections to ensure completed work meets state and federal safety regulations. Homeowners may need to cover these additional permitting costs, ranging from $150-$350 on average in the city, depending on the scale of the project.

The guide offers expanded insights into each factor that shapes rewiring costs. Understanding these elements provides homeowners with the information required to appropriately budget for a major electrical overhaul project in San Francisco.

Get a Quote to Know the True Cost of Rewiring

Homeowners interested in better understanding the costs associated with rewiring their San Francisco property can contact Andrade Link Electric to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.

"We offer complimentary site visits to view any home and provide accurate quotes based on the specifics of that property," said Andrade. "This allows us to tailor a rewiring proposal covering all necessary elements while giving exact pricing with no hidden fees. Our decades of experience translating the intricacies of San Francisco homes into project estimates is invaluable."

As part of the free estimate, Andrade Link Electric will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home’s existing electrical systems to gauge wiring, amperage needs, circuit capacity, and other essential factors
  • Educate on code requirements for properly updated electrical systems
  • Detail required wiring and material types for optimal safety and efficiency
  • Explain construction needs based on home layout and wall accessibility
  • Provide a clear breakdown of all costs

To learn more and schedule your complimentary site visit with a licensed electrician to discuss rewiring your San Francisco property, visit:


We aim to offer homeowners the information required to make an informed decision on undertaking a major rewiring project,” concluded Andrade. “With customized insight into how a rewire will impact your distinct property, we believe San Francisco homeowners will feel empowered to move forward.”

About Andrade Link Electric

Andrade Link Electric is a locally owned electrical contracting company serving residential and commercial clients across San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

As a family-owned business, Andrade Link Electric is committed to outstanding service delivered by its team of licensed, highly trained electricians. They have established themselves as a leading choice for electrical work of all kinds - from system troubleshooting and breaker panel upgrades to home rewiring, custom lighting installation, backup generators, and more.

Known for expert electrical craftsmanship as well as fair, honest pricing, the skilled electricians at Andrade Link Electric provide customers with reliable results backed by their satisfaction guarantee. The company is dedicated to open communication and complete transparency regarding project timelines and costs from start to finish.

In addition to the newly released guide on rewiring costs in San Francisco, Andrade Link Electric provides homeowners with a range of complimentary educational resources covering electrical safety, energy efficiency, local requirements and regulations, and home electrical project planning on their website.

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