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Dry Patrol's Saves Columbus Apartment Complex with Fast Sewage Backup Mitigation Monday, February 12th, 7:00 PM
Dry Patrol of Central Ohio Rescues Columbus Apartment Facility with Rapid Drain Backup Cleanup and Remediation

Delaware, United States - February 12, 2024 / Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio /

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio, a leading property damage restoration company, demonstrated its expertise in rapid emergency response with a successful drain backup cleanup and remediation project at a Columbus apartment complex managed by a reputable local realty company. The emergency call during the weekend required immediate action to address the drain backup and its associated contamination issues, ensuring the safety and well-being of the apartment residents.

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Property Damage RestorationProject Overview

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio received an urgent call from a local realty company managing an apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio, facing a drain backup emergency. The project's primary focus was on swift and effective sewage cleanup and remediation to minimize damage and provide a safe living environment for the residents.

Scope of Work: Rapid Drain Backup Cleanup and Remediation

The project encompassed the following key steps:

1) Emergency Mitigation Response

Dry Patrol's team arrived at the apartment complex within an hour of the initial call, demonstrating their commitment to immediate action and assessment of the situation.

2) Floor Tile Removal

To ensure thorough cleaning and prevent lingering contamination, the team removed the glued floor tiles where contaminated water had become trapped.

3) Cleaning and Sanitization

Comprehensive cleaning and sanitization measures were executed to eliminate potential biohazardous substances, restoring a safe and habitable environment.

4) Proper Biohazard Disposal

Dry Patrol adhered to strict biohazard disposal protocols, ensuring responsible and proper disposal of the contaminated water and materials.

Restoration Challenges Faced

The primary challenge in this emergency project was the need for rapid response and effective cleanup during the weekend to prevent further damage and protect the health of the apartment residents.

Solution: Dry Patrol of Central Ohio swiftly and efficiently addressed the challenges by:

  • Responding within an hour of the emergency call, demonstrating their commitment to immediate action.
  • Removing glued floor tiles to eliminate potential contamination and facilitate thorough cleaning.
  • Executing a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization process to ensure the removal of biohazardous substances and restore a safe living environment.

Restoration Project Outcome

The project concluded with a successful cleanup and remediation process, guaranteeing the apartment complex's safety for its residents. Dry Patrol of Central Ohio's rapid response and effective actions prevented further damage, minimizing inconvenience to the property management company and residents.

This emergency sewage cleanup and restoration project underscores Dry Patrol's ability to provide swift and efficient emergency response services, even during weekends, to mitigate property damage and protect residents' well-being. The company's commitment to proper cleaning, sanitization, and biohazard disposal highlights its dedication to delivering safe and reliable solutions for commercial property management clients.

For more information about Dry Patrol of Central Ohio and their emergency restoration services, please call (614) 414-3818.

About Dry Patrol of Central Ohio

Dry Patrol of Central Ohio is a leading property damage restoration company serving the Central Ohio region. With a commitment to providing swift and effective solutions, they specialize in a range of restoration services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and more. Their team is dedicated to helping commercial clients recover from unexpected disasters and restore their properties to their pre-loss condition.

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Dry Patrol Of Central Ohio

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Delaware, OH 43015
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