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Salt Community Church in Maiden, NC, Are for The Broken, Not the Perfect Tuesday, December 5th, 5:00 PM
Overcoming the Fear of Church Can Allow You to Experience Life-Changing Worship Services

Maiden, United States - December 5, 2023 / Salt Community Church /

Did you know you don't have to be perfect to attend church in Maiden, NC? Many people think their lives are such a mess that they would never be welcomed in a church. The truth is that the house of God is a hospital for the broken, and there's no better place for you to be.

Why do people think they can't go to church because they don't live a perfect life or they're not living as they should? There's no perfect person on this planet, so people who need God and need to enhance their lives should attend church regularly. If you can ever just break through your fears and come one time, you'll find a community of people who are eager to welcome you at Salt Community Church.

The Church Is for the Broken

If you go to the local hospital in Newton, you'll see all sorts of sicknesses and diseases. You won't think twice about these people and their ailments, as the hospital is meant for those who are ill. Why do people feel you need a certain social status or to be part of the "in-crowd" to go to church?

Jesus was a rebel and hung with the publicans and sinners, despite what His followers thought. Remember the woman at the well in John 4? Jesus was of Jewish descent and wasn't allowed to speak to a Samaritan lady by the standards of the day. However, he didn't care about her past or all her sins; he came to minister to her.

Don't let your fears discourage you from attending a worship service at Salt Community Church, as this may be where your healing and restoration begin. Imagine how different the woman at the well's life would have been if she had never met the master.

Overcoming Fears

At Salt Community Church, there are people from different cultural and religious upbringings and those who've lived hard lives. All the differences don't matter to us, as we all love one another. Never let your inner voice tell you you're not worthy of church. It doesn't matter what you've been through or how much trouble you've been in throughout your life; just come.

Fear is the most significant problem that people face. You have negative thoughts that rush through your mind and tell you why you can't come. People often think things like:

  • I don't have clothes to wear.
  • I won't have anyone to sit within the service.
  • Everyone will stare at me.
  • I don't know any songs or even own a Bible.

It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you have clothes. No law says you need a suit and tie or a dress to come to church. You'll find people here wearing what's most comfortable for them. If you want someone to sit with you, we have people who will happily sit beside you. We're a friendly group of folks who enjoy meeting new faces and making them feel at ease.

Maybe you've never been to church and don't know what to expect. Our services are online, so you can see how we worship, preach, and the people who attend here. You can quickly learn our songs and familiarize yourself with us before you come in person.

Making the First Step

Did you know that the fear of attending church is called ecclesiophobia? Ironically, it's a common problem. However, we don't want irrational worries to keep you from finding the peace and healing you need. Our leaders at Salt Community Church will provide guidance, reassurance, and help for your life's journey, but you must take the first step. Come and visit our church in Maiden, NC, this Sunday!

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