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Celebrate the Birth of Jesus at LifeSwitch Tuesday, December 5th, 5:00 PM
We Have Something for Everyone! Check Out Our Youth ministry in Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Silverstream, New Zealand - December 5, 2023 / LifeSwitch /

Is there something you've been lacking in your life? You need to find a new place to worship if the one you now attend on Sundays isn't inspiring you. Every service is an opportunity to really shine, not just go through the motions. The best worship service in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, is waiting for you to come and be a part of it.

A Worship Service for the Entire Family

There are plenty of worship services to attend in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. But when was the last time you felt truly uplifted at a service? The whole point behind the formation of LifeSwitch has been to do away with the old, traditional, staid, and boring style of worship. What worked for your grandparents is not guaranteed to work for you.

This philosophy motivated the founders of LifeSwitch to spring into action. Since the early 2000s, the group has labored to fulfill its vision of reaching as many people as possible. The ideal has always been to create the kind of church where people who don't usually attend church feel welcome and comfortable.

Challenge Yourself and Your Family to a New Level of Faith

We offer our patrons a wide variety of exciting new events. We preach the gospel in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seats rather than snoring in their pews. Our ultimate goal is to offer service and worship to our Lord in a way that lets everyone know where we stand. LifeSwitch also has an amazing youth ministry in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, that your kids are sure to love! 

At LifeSwitch, we desire for every youth the chance to belong, be known, and become all God intends for them. We’ve created an environment where students may feel safe expressing their ideas, forming lasting friendships, and developing into inspirers.

Stop by IGGY or FUSE anytime; we'd be delighted to have you. 

Come and Celebrate Christmas With Us!

Come celebrate Christmas with us! Together, we will celebrate what makes this season so wonderful at this amazing event, which will feature delightful Christmas music, lots of laughter, and an inspiring message.

Come one, come all! We'll take family photos and have fun activities for the kids, and our cafe will be available for goodies and conversations.

There will be many delightful surprises waiting for you and your loved ones. Included in this is a delightful pre-service treat.

Seats are limited; therefore, we ask that you reserve yours for at least one service time, even if admission is free.

Contact LifeSwitch Today for More Details

LifeSwitch is a service that meets the new needs of the entire family. This is a style of worship that welcomes, rather than shuns, new faces. Join us today to see what a new level of commitment can achieve. Now is the time for your spirit to shine.

Contact Information:


3 Reynolds Bach Drive,
Silverstream, Lower Hutt 5019
New Zealand

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