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Canned Cocktails: Your Passport to Elegance and Ease Tuesday, December 5th, 5:00 PM
Discover New Ideas for Making Any Occasion More Special

Logan Circle, United States - December 5, 2023 / Post Meridiem /

When we think of cocktails, elegant stemware, sophisticated ingredients, and laughter among friends are all images that may come to mind. While beer or hard seltzer are perfectly suited to more casual evenings, there's something about a cocktail that just feels special. With their combination of premium spirits, fresh fruits and citrus, and other flavorful mixers, creating a quality cocktail requires a lengthy stockpile of ingredients, professional mixing tools, and a little bit of patience. 

Traditionally, if you wanted to enjoy one of these elegant beverages, you had to go to a bar or upscale restaurant. Americans have been visiting bars for cocktail hour since the Prohibition, when the ban on alcohol drove people to secret underground speakeasies. These early cocktails featured a variety of fruit juices, herbs, and other flavorings designed to mask the flavor of bootleg liquor. 

Today, cocktails have evolved into tasteful concoctions created with quality spirits and diverse flavor profiles. The best part is, that you no longer have to head out to a crowded bar to experience a professionally mixed drink. Thanks to innovations in the canning industry, it's now possible to bring home a ready-to-drink cocktail that features the same ingredients you'd receive at any bar. These full-strength canned cocktails are the secret to inviting more effortless elegance into your life.

Complicated Drinks Made Easy 

Unless you're willing to invest in an array of costly ingredients and professional tools, mixing up a good cocktail can sometimes feel like more hassle than it's worth. As with so many things, you just can't fake good taste. If you use poor ingredients to mix up a cocktail it will be evident in the taste. There's also the problem of technique. Achieving the correct balance of ingredients takes knowledge and experience. 

While it's fun to try your hand at being a bartender sometimes, canned cocktails are perfect for all the occasions when you don't feel like being one. One of their major benefits is that they allow you to enjoy even the most complicated drinks effortlessly. 

Take the old-fashioned, for example. This drink, believed to be the world's first classic cocktail, has a reputation for being tricky to get right. Quality ingredients are crucial, as is the mixing method, and even the size of the ice cubes. Opting for the right canned version allows you to have an elegant, tasteful experience whenever you feel like it. 

The espresso martini is another classic that's traditionally been challenging to recreate at home. Achieving that creamy foam head is essential but tricky without the right tools and an experienced hand. 

Other cocktails, like the margarita, are popular choices for when we're out at a restaurant but feel like a lot of work to recreate at home. In these situations, canned cocktails provide an effortless way of obtaining the professional-quality drinks we love. Since there's nothing for you to prepare, you can enjoy a sophisticated, relaxing moment whenever you feel like it. 

Moments That Are Made for a Canned Cocktail 

Bringing home a ready-to-drink cocktail puts you just moments away from an elegant experience. Whether you're planning on being alone, with your family, or with lots of friends, you can turn any ordinary evening into a more extraordinary one with your favorite cocktail in a pre-made package. 

These drinks are perfect for making a night at home feel more special. Put on your favorite movie, pull out a good book, and then elevate your experience with a refreshing beverage that offers an unbeatable flavor profile.

Canned cocktails are also a great solution for when you want to create an upscale party atmosphere but don't want to miss out on any of the fun yourself. Simply pour your favorite cocktail into a pretty glass and impress your guests without having to take on the role of bartender. Setting out eye-catching trays of well-garnished cocktails creates a more fancy and memorable party atmosphere, with minimal time and cost investment on your part. 

Canned cocktails also create the perfect excuse for inviting more celebrations into your life. Start a new Friday night tradition of toasting to the upcoming weekend with a perfectly balanced cocktail. Pull out your fancy glasses and experiment with different garnishes. Simple events like these can help you slow down and set aside more time in your life to enjoy the little things. 


Drink and Snack Combinations for Effortless Elegance 

Since you have access to bar-quality, pre-made drinks, taking your evening to the next level with elegant food pairings becomes easier than ever. No matter what your favorite cocktail is, you can easily find a mouthwatering food pairing you or your guests will love. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Cosmopolitan—The sharp citrus notes in this cocktail pair especially well with cheese boards and charcuterie. Experiment with soft cheeses, smoked salmon, and shrink cocktails. 
  • Vodka gimlet—Lime juice and lemongrass oil create a refreshing hint of citrus that complements creamy pasta dishes perfectly. 
  • Daiquiri—This Cuban classic tastes great with roasted nuts, dark chocolate, and dried cherries. 
  • Mai tai—The mai tai's sweet fruity notes are the perfect complement for seafood as well as desserts with tropical flavors, like coconut cream pie, and pineapple upside-down cake. 
  • Espresso martini—Pair this decadent drink with vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, or cookies. 

Elevate the Everyday with Canned Cocktails 

Today's canned cocktails are created with authentic ingredients like real lime juice, imported liqueurs, and barrel-aged whiskey. Not only are they full-strength, like you'd receive in a bar, but they follow time-honored classic recipes for unrivaled quality. This means that you can now bring home an effortlessly elegant experience to enjoy with your friends and loved ones, whenever inspiration strikes. Learn more about the world's best ready-to-drink cocktails from Post Meridiem and invite more joy and ease into your life. 

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