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HVAC Technicians Use These Handy Tools To Get The Job Done Friday, May 26th, 10:52 AM
HVAC professionals from Boston, MA share the tools they use for heating and cooling repairs.

Brookline, United States - May 22, 2023 / Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning /

An Inside Look at HVAC Contractors’ Fully Stocked Trucks

They may look mysterious from the outside, but on the inside, an HVAC contractor’s truck is a wonderland of tools and gadgets meant to address every possible HVAC scenario on the spot. The following is a sneak peek at some of the most important tools one is likely to find in an HVAC technician’s arsenal.

The Essentials

toolsHand tools are some of the most important instruments heating and cooling technicians have at their disposal and one that they practically can’t do without. Nearly every job that they have to complete requires the use of the most basic hand tools, such as:

  • Screwdrivers - no HVAC toolkit is complete without a set of screwdrivers. Philips and flathead screwdrivers with insulated handles in various sizes are necessary as heating and cooling contractors have to screw and unscrew many things, including vents, thermostats, and the like.
  • Flashlights - not all HVAC equipment that needs to be checked is visible or well-lit. This is why flashlights come in handy so that technicians can see what they’re working on and operate with accuracy and precision.
  • Pliers and cutters - these tools are meant for various gripping, twisting, removing, and tightening actions. Most HVAC technicians carry different kinds of pliers, such as wire strippers, needle-nose, channel-lock, open-face, and linesman pliers, all with insulated handles for protection from electrical shock.

Safety First

When dealing with work that carries the risk of electric shock, respiratory issues, and chemical exposure, it is imperative that using safety equipment should become part of the work routine. HVAC technicians should always wear gloves to protect their hands from injuries from electrical shocks, chemical burns, or sharp objects. On the other hand, safety goggles keep dust and metal debris from getting to the eyes. Masks are meant for protection against toxic substances that may be inhaled, while appropriate footwear such as steel-toe boots helps protect feet from heavy objects that may fall and injure them.

Special Equipment

toolsSpecialized HVAC tools are the final set of equipment that rounds up an HVAC contractor’s arsenal of devices. These specialized tools are meant to address problems that standard devices can’t tackle. These tools include pumps, leak detectors, fin combs, manifold gauges, and caulking guns.

  • Pumps - these are used to clear moisture and other debris from drain lines. Moisture has to be removed and drain lines cleared to prevent clogs that may affect the performance of an HVAC system.
  • Leak detectors - these tools look for leaks and determine their location.
  • Fin combs - otherwise known as coil fin straighteners, fin combs are used to straighten the aluminum fins that direct the flow of hot away from the outdoor condenser unit. The fins get bent easily, and if left unstraightened, heat cannot escape effectively from the condenser unit.
  • Manifold gauges - this device is used in many ways: detecting leaks, removing refrigerants, and even charging the AC unit.
  • Caulking guns - dripless caulking guns are a must when sealing ducts and filling holes.

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