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The Essential Tools HVAC Technicians Use on the Job Friday, May 26th, 10:38 AM
HVAC Experts in Crown Point, IN, Share Information About Specialized HVAC Tools

Crown Point, United States - May 22, 2023 / All Services /

The Tools Heating and Cooling Contractors Have in Their Fully Stocked Trucks

When something goes wrong with the air conditioner or heat, an HVAC tech will need to look at it. And since home and business owners rely heavily on these systems to maintain comfort levels in the building, HVAC techs need to come prepared with all the tools they may need to fix the problem. From common hand tools and safety equipment to specialized HVAC tools, plenty of devices help these technicians keep homes comfortable when something goes wrong.   

Common Hand Tools

toolsHVAC technicians use many different hand tools to maintain and repair HVAC systems. The most commonly used hand tools include screwdrivers, flashlights, cutters, and pliers. Most homeowners are familiar with screwdrivers, which come in two styles and many different sizes, so many techs prefer an all-in-one screwdriver. Since heating and cooling technicians often work in cramped, low-light places, a flashlight with fresh batteries (or a fresh charge) is necessary for most jobs. 

Heating and cooling contractors will have on-hand cutters for cutting tubes and pipes. Sometimes they will need to cut through copper piping or PVC tubing, and these tools allow them to do both. Different types of pliers are also among the most often used tools by HVAC contractors. Many techs prefer a pair of linesman needle nose pliers that can do crimping and wire stripping instead of carrying separate tools for all these tasks.  

Essential Safety Equipment

Professional HVAC technicians will also have safety equipment in their fully stocked trucks. Protective gear includes things like masks, safety glasses, and gloves. Not every technician will wear a mask, but many do prefer them in places with high dust levels so they don’t breathe in debris while working on the equipment. 

Safety glasses are self-explanatory, protecting the technician’s eyes from flying debris, dust, dirt, or dangerous chemicals. Likewise, gloves protect the hands from cuts, scratches, and accidental chemical exposure. It’s also common for HVAC techs to wear clothing with full sleeves, boots to protect their feet, and ear plugs for working near loud equipment. 

Specialized HVAC Tools

toolsIn addition to the equipment and tools mentioned above, heating and cooling techs also use various specialized tools to do their jobs. These include coil fin straighteners, refrigerant leak detectors, and filter pullers. When the fins on the condenser and/or evaporator coils get dented, a coil fin straightener can repair them. This tool is like a miniature comb with many metal teeth on it, all of which are bent at the ends. By dragging this down the coil, these teeth straighten the bent fins. 

Refrigerant leak detectors are electronic devices that help detect the presence of refrigerant leaking out of the system. This can help the HVAC pinpoint the leak and fix it to get it running efficiently again. And then there’s the filter puller. Not all HVAC filters can be easily reached, so the technician may need to use a special filter puller to retrieve and replace the old filters with new ones. After all, regular filter changes are an essential part of HVAC maintenance!

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