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Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Begins? Friday, May 26th, 10:18 AM
HVAC Contractors in Slidell, LA Share Common Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

Slidell, United States - May 22, 2023 / Albers Air Conditioning /

3 Signs It May Be Time for AC Replacement - Before the Start of Summer!

Summer is fast approaching; in Louisiana, air conditioner season is well underway. And as the days get longer, hotter, and muggier, the AC will only work harder to keep the house cool. Naturally, this is when most AC problems tend to rear their ugly heads - and if the air conditioning system is worn down from years of use or neglected maintenance, homeowners may find themselves shelling out for a new unit. 

Since no one wants to be stuck without a working AC during a stifling Louisiana summer, it’s best to replace a failing AC system before the heat arrives in full force. So to help homeowners stay ahead of the game, this article will lay out three common signs that the AC needs replacing!

The Unit Is Getting Old

oldThe first sign it might be time to replace the AC is the age of the unit. Most air conditioners tend to last anywhere from 10-20 years, depending on the type, when it was made, how well it’s maintained, how much use it gets, and other factors. For instance, older models tend to last around 12 years on average, while newer high-efficiency air conditioners have an average life expectancy of about 17 years. But in Louisiana's hot and humid climate, AC units fail sooner than those in cooler climates like the Northeast.

In other words, the age of an AC unit may not necessitate a replacement in itself – but if an older unit frequently needs repairs, makes strange noises, or doesn’t work as well as it used to, it may be time to replace it. Such a unit has a higher risk of breaking down entirely, exposing homeowners to the summer heat, which can be as dangerous as unpleasant!

The System No Longer Operates Efficiently

As they get older and succumb to the effects of normal wear and tear, AC systems also tend to lose energy efficiency. This can lead to higher energy bills and may indicate that a key component is failing. Depending on the component, replacing it may not be worth it (compressors are a perfect example since they cannot typically be repaired and are very expensive to replace).

So if homeowners notice that their energy bills are higher than usual and they suspect that the AC is to blame, they would do well to get a professional diagnosis. With a newer unit, a loss in energy efficiency may be resolved with minor repairs. Still, with an older unit, the necessary repairs may be so expensive that an AC replacement may be the more cost-effective solution.

The Home Never Gets Cool Enough

hotAnother hint that the air conditioner may need to be replaced is if the system runs, but the house doesn’t get cool enough. This could mean that a compressor or fan motor is malfunctioning (again, these can be costly repairs that aren’t worth it if the unit is very old), there’s a refrigerant leak (sometimes caused by corrosion on evaporator/condenser coils in older units), or the unit is simply outdated or “undersized” (an older unit may not be able to handle the household’s current cooling demands). 

However, a home not getting cool enough can also be caused by various other factors, from dirty air filters to leaky ducts. Hence, it’s best to consult a professional to determine the underlying cause. If it’s more than a quick and inexpensive fix, the technician can help homeowners weigh their options and determine whether or not an air conditioner replacement is right for them! 

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